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Jun 2, 2012 03:22 PM

Due Marie, New Brunswick

Want to go there for a special birthday. Haven't seen anything on Chowhound about it. Please give me some information about the restaurant and food and noise level. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Ate there in March and April. Enjoyed it very much, The tables are spread far apart, so no noise issue. The food is very good. The wine list is exceptional. Talk to the sommelier and you will experience different wines, obviously strong on Italian wine.

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    1. re: scarlet knight

      I'll second that regarding the food. It's been very good overall and a couple of things have been exceptional. The only negative was an obviously new waiter who screwed up the order a couple of times. No big deal, though, it was clearly a rookie mistake and not systemic.

    2. Try searching "Due Mari" and going back five years. There have been a number of discussions of it, although very little that's recent.

      1. Irvingk, there are a LOT of reviews on other food/restaurant web sites. Do a Google search and the second and third citations will give you a bunch.

        1. Have been there a few times in the past few months...

          all I can say is
          not cheap, but a good value for your buck$

          1. I wholeheartedly agree with all of the positive reviews. Their spaghetti with half a (small) lobster is fantastic. Pasta is made fresh in house and cooked properly.

            For anyone who who want to visit on a budget, they have half-price bar thin-crust pizzas during happy hour which are excellent (~$5.50). Two light eaters can share one for a meal, or maybe add a light appetizer in addition.

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              This is my favorite restaurant in New Brunswick. While the quality of many restaurants in New Brunswick has gone downhill over the years, Due Marie is consistently good.