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Jun 2, 2012 02:43 PM

Busara's in Tysons and Reston

Anyone have any opinions on either restaurant. We used to go all the time and enjoyed the wild pork and fresh flounder dishes, but haven't been there in over a year. Any feedback on the current dining experience?

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  1. Tysons one is pretty bad :-(. I've not been to the Reston one.
    I've been to the Tyson's one several times lately, and have been consistently disappointed. Environment & service are fine -- the food just isn't great.
    And there are plenty of other better Thai options in the area -- Neisha Thai, Thai Pilin, even Natta Thai if you are willing to go an extra couple miles into Vienna.

    Another good "similar" option in Tysons would be Taste of Saigon.

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      Thanks Bubba - I will certainly try one of your suggestions.

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        I think the Reston one is just bland. Currently in Reston/Herndon Three Thai Sushi is probably the best. There used to be better, but it's a long story (documented on this board - search Tarin Thai if you're not sleeping).