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Busara's in Tysons and Reston

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Anyone have any opinions on either restaurant. We used to go all the time and enjoyed the wild pork and fresh flounder dishes, but haven't been there in over a year. Any feedback on the current dining experience?

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  1. Tysons one is pretty bad :-(. I've not been to the Reston one.
    I've been to the Tyson's one several times lately, and have been consistently disappointed. Environment & service are fine -- the food just isn't great.
    And there are plenty of other better Thai options in the area -- Neisha Thai, Thai Pilin, even Natta Thai if you are willing to go an extra couple miles into Vienna.

    Another good "similar" option in Tysons would be Taste of Saigon.

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      Thanks Bubba - I will certainly try one of your suggestions.

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        I think the Reston one is just bland. Currently in Reston/Herndon Three Thai Sushi is probably the best. There used to be better, but it's a long story (documented on this board - search Tarin Thai if you're not sleeping).