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Jun 2, 2012 02:32 PM

New in Puligny Montrachet

In his recent blog post (, Mike McAndrew mentioned a new restaurant in Puligny:
" On Saturday 12 May a new restaurant opened in the Place du Monument. It was christened Le Pelugney - an ancient spelling for Puligny. Jean-Louis and BĂ©atrice Choquet-Sabbe specialise in traditional cuisine and presentation. Menus are well balanced and affordable; they offer wines from notable sources at fair prices. Decor is stylishly simple and the atmosphere friendly. We went there with friends for dinner on the inaugural night and enjoyed an excellent meal. There are 32 seats including a pavement terrace and since our visit, they have been pretty well fully booked for lunch and dinner. It should be a great success."

That's the same square that Olivier Leflaive's is located, Le Montrachet is on the next square over, Place des Marronniers. They are doing 7 tastings of local wine for 28 Euros, sounds interesting.

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  1. "They are doing 7 tastings of local wine for 28 Euros" - assume this is Leflaive's place not the hotel? If it is it is a good way to get a feel for the wines of the area. It is clearly quite touristy and it can feel like they process you. But that doesn't really detract. There aren't the many other places to taste in the village as the wines are so exclusive so this is a good option. We wandered the back street and found a few places so it can reward a walk.

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      Phil, its at Le Montrachet, it's kind of Terry's (sp) answer to Leflaive's. I did Leflaive's once in the old location across the square, that was enough for me. As for Le Montrachet, Terry is tight with all the local growers and you can see many of them in the late afternoon in their boots drinking and telling stories in the back of the bar area. And Terry has built up a great cellar. However, since he received his "star" (again), I think the hotel gets a lot of tourists.

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        That is very good to hear. I stayed at the hotel and still remember a very fine lunch on the terrace - pre star days.