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Jun 2, 2012 01:57 PM

Lucullus Bakery -

Hi All

Hoping you can help. I have read a couple of posts of this board and others about a place in Markham called Lucullus Bakery that seem to speak highly of the BBQ Pork buns (as well as other items). In doing internet searches, I seem to come up with several different address and phone #s, none of which seem to be correct/current. If anyone knows if this place is still around, and if so, what is the proper address, that info would be appreciated.


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  1. The one I know of is at 7750 Kennedy. There aren't too many Lucullus left.
    This one is at Kennedy and 14th Ave. Southwest corner. Same plaza where there is a subway and a DQ.
    Serves buns and quick meals such as soup macroni and spare rib rice. Not sure if they still serve the hot items as lunch. But this one is still around.

    1. The one I go to is at Highway 7 and Chalmers. Amazing baked bbq pork buns, and probably the best flaky egg tarts in the city. By far my favourite Chinese bakery.

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        You should also give their 'Chicken Roll' and ' White Creamy Chicken Bun' a try!! The former, so buttery and good!
        Then, there is the 'Chicken a la King on rice'! Soooo gooood! Because of that, I've seen them sold out before 11.00 am!!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          I'll look for the chicken a la king next time. I also love the curry beef turnovers -- the pastry is so flaky. Sort of a Chinese take on a Jamaican beef patty. :)

          Oh, and the coconut buns. Pretty much everything I've tried there is delicious.

        2. re: TorontoJo

          This is my favorite place for Chinese baked buns too, and the curry beef buns are excellent as well as the BBQ pork buns and egg tarts. On Charles' recommendation I tried the chicken a la king, and it was delicioius.

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            Thanks for the replies. Anyone know the exact address of the one at 7 and chalmers ? thanks

            1. re: jdgo75

              Courtesy of google:

              328 Hwy 7, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 7P1

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                Thanks. On another site, I found reviews that quoted 505 Hwy 7 E......325 Hwy 7 well as the one on Kennedy. Looking forward to trying it.

                1. re: jdgo75

                  It's in one of the Chinese plazas in Richmond Hill (beware of crazy drivers/parkers!) -- this one is the Northwest corner of Chalmers and 7. It's on the West side of the plaza. Hope you enjoy it! The stuff is cheap enough that it's worth just getting anything that catches your fancy and trying it. You grab a tray and tongs at the front and make your way around the small room, picking stuff you want. The ladies at the cash will package it all up for you.

                    1. re: TorontoJo

                      park in the back lot to avoid the drivers, hah.

                      I miss lucullus. Their lo po beng is as good as hang heung in yuen long, yes I said it.

                      1. re: aser

                        Hello 'Downtown' Aser!
                        Do you want to meet half way and I'll bring you some??!! Ha!
                        Have you tried the 'Hang Heung' Lo Po Beng in the 'olden days' when they still use 'lard'?!! Now! that's one awesome product!! More chewy and more aromatic! More cholesterol too!!

            2. Lucullus has been one of our family favourites for years. BBQ bun is probably best in town. Asian cheese cake is pretty consistent in quality. They also have a surprisingly good HK style milk tea... even plain bread is pretty high quality. Not a flashy place, but hands down the best HK style bakery in GTA.

              1. lucullus--excellent products, just fyi, on the upper end of the price scale. . .you get what you pay for, but you won't be buying volume. . .

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                  I was there about a month ago (Hwy. 7 and Chalmers), and the BBQ pork and curried beef buns were $1.20 each, about 20-25 cents more than other places. I think that buns are slightly bigger than other places, and have more filling though (and the quality/taste of the filling is the best IMO) so for me, the price difference is worth it.

                2. They have 3 locations; Downtown Toronto, Richmond Hill, and Markham. The best BBQ pork buns that one can find in Canada which come in a natural color, not those glossy red. Markham is in the intersection of 14th Ave and Kennedy Road. Richmond Hill is Hwy 7 E & Chalmer Rd ( HK bank plaza).

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                  1. re: FH2014

                    " The best BBQ pork buns that one can find in Canada which come in a natural color, not those glossy red. " - This is a very BOLD statement!

                    From a GTA Chinese Bakery, may be? But not when the same product is being offered as Dim Sum in a restaurant! eg., Skyview on Woodbine. The latter, piping hot, more generous filling, more sauce and more flavorful.

                    BTW, on the 'other side of Canada', New Town Bakery in Richmond, BC IMO offers a version that is better than Luculus!!

                    1. re: Charles Yu

                      Agreed on New Town Bakery. I wish we had that here.

                      Their siopao is unreal.