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Jun 2, 2012 01:57 PM

Good Bagels to take home near Sherbrooke and Peel?

I need to bring home at least a couple of bagels, and will be staying at Le Cantlie Suites for a couple nights next week, with maybe a little time (business) to run somewhere and pick something up.

I will not have a car, so quick walking distance would be ideal. I have read some threads so know not to expect anything great in terms of food in this area.


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  1. You won't find fresh bagels around there. By the time they're bagged for wholesale distribution to supermarkets, they're past their prime and will need to be revived with heat -- a few minutes in a 250°F oven/toaster oven usually does the trick.

    There is a supermarket (Provigo) on Parc near Sherbrooke, and another at Parc and Milton.

    Are you flying out? If so, might as well just grab some at the airport. If you're flying to the States there is a place after security that has them bagged for sale, and AFAIK they do come from one of the top 2 bakeries (Fairmount / St. Viateur). Don't remember the name of the place but it's hard to miss. These will be the same as you get at any downtown supermarket, though probably more expensive.

    1. I think the closest you are for fresh ones, is at the Faubourg St-Catherine (st-catherine/guy st.) (Faubourg Ste-Catherine bagel factory).

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        The Faubourg is not far from Sherbrooke and Peel - 10 min walk max and the bagels are pretty good --- but not as good as fairmont/st-viateur

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          Mr. F - I was wondering about the airport - yes, I am flying back, within Canada. I will try Faubourg or hope they have fresh ones at the business meeting and then pick some up at the airport to bring home!! Though St-viateur is so tempting and I'll certainly go there if possible.

          1. re: andreaplants

            Take a cab there and back! (St Viateur or Fairmount, I mean)