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Jun 2, 2012 12:43 PM

Looking for Andover/South Lawrence lunch recs

I recently started a new job in Andover, near the train station, and would love some recommendations for good lunch places in the area--also willing to travel a bit as it's not that far from the Lawrence line where the Shin Shin Asian market is. Looking for places where lunch is under $10 and take out is available. Any good sandwich places, Asian restaurants, something special in the area? I'd love to find a great little hole in the wall with chow-worthy food. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Right by the train station in Andover is a little Chinese food place called Teatone. You will not find better Chinese food in all of Andover, they have lunch specials that I believe are all under $10 and they are very fast. A little further down Andover, on rt. 28 is a place called Shawsheen Lunchonette, take-out available they have a pretty good range of burgers, clubs, and other sandwiches plus various other diner type dishes. They are a little bit on the pricey side but not too unreasonable. Further down rt. 28 right over the line in Lawrence is Jim's Original Subs. They don't have much if anything under $10 but their subs are without question the best in the area and they are HUGE, you more than get your money's worth. One last one, Mr. Takeout on Haverhill Street (rt. 133) in Andover is another great place that has subs, pizzas, dinners and just about all of them are under $10.

    1. Down rt 28 in the shawsheen plaza (kinda behind mcdonalds) is a little place called Sweet Basil,
      really nice lunch plates, crispy pad thai is one of my favs and they do take-out. Not sure if they deliver. Its walkable from the train station although uphill on the way back.

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        Thanks to both of you for these. I'm looking up menus online and getting hungry. All seem close enough to the office, which is great. I'll be checking out Jim's and Mr. Takeout for sure (maybe Jim's on the way home on one of those days when I skipped lunch!). Ah, Teatone, that must be the little white building by the train station. There's nothing on the outside marking it as a restaurant, and for a while I wondered if it was a karate studio.
        I have been to Sweet Basil once--the only place I've gone to other than Whole Foods--and thought it was good, will have to try the crispy pad thai next time. Thanks again, really appreciate the suggestions.

        1. re: Tante

          Have you looked at Yella? Its downtown, not a far walk from the train station. I think its a little $$ for lunch but have only been for dinner (which was good).
          I know that some folks really enjoy Brothers Pizza right next door.

          1. re: grumpyspatient

            The menu looks really interesting--wraps are a little pricey for lunch but would be a nice treat once in a while. Thanks for the suggestion!

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          My last two experiences at Sweet Basil have been terrible. Orders messed up, food done differently, grease coefficient very high. So they've fallen off my list for good.

          1. re: headmaster

            I just got pad thai the one time I went and it was fine--a safe choice and they didn't do anything remarkable with it, good or bad. I do recall that the service was fairly indifferent, as if they didn't particularly care that I was there, but that there were a fair number of people coming in for takeout orders. They have crazy noodles on their menu, which makes me think of my favorite hot and crazy noodles at Thon Khao in Nashua, but Sweet Basil's includes eggs and broccoli, which just isn't the same (may be more or less authentic, I have no idea, I just know how much I like the one at Thon Khao). I may give Sweet Basil another try to see how it goes; thanks for the input!

            1. re: Tante

              Their Chiang Mai was great. Pad Thai is like the big mac of thai food. Never quite remarkable anywhere.

              Chiang Mai is a mild red curry sauce,coconut milk with a hint of lime. Noodle's with different textures,soft below and crunchy crisp one on top. I had mine with chicken. I will be back again.

        3. Phils roast beef is pretty good north shore style roast beef.

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            Was just checking Phil's out on Yelp--not a far drive from my office, and this former North Shore girl loves a good roast beef. What do you think of their fries? Some Yelpers don't seem to care for them.

            1. re: Tante

              I like their fries. Not the spicy fries..but their regular fries. They actually have such a nice flavor that they don't even need ketchup. If you like the north shore roast beef..then Phil's is the place for you. In my opinion, they beat out every other roast beef place in the area. When I go there..I go all out and get the onion roll roast beef with sauce and cheese. To die for..and it will fill you up for the day!
              In addition to the roast beef, Phil's makes great salads and sandwiches. I try not to eat a whole lot of fried food..but every now and then I get a couple of spinach rolls.

              1. re: Tante

                their fries are pretty good, but their onion rings I feel are superior. Blue is right, you won't find a better place to get north shore roast beef than Phil's. Also another place to check out is My Brothers Pizza Place, on Post Office Ave in downtown Andover. They do great subs and are pretty reasonably priced.

                I cannot speak highly enough of Three Dogz Diner, they do truly amazing food. It might be a little further into Lawrence than you'd be wiling to go, only because the traffic on that stretch of 28 is abysmal pretty much all day. It would definitely be worth the trip though on a day you could take a little longer lunch, their food is delicious and very reasonably priced.

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                  To be honest I only had a quick junior beef there, but that was pretty good. Also Jasmines in North Andover has a good beef...both better than Harrisons IMO.

              2. Just up rte 28 N, in Lawrence, is Three Dogz Diner good homemade lunch specials, including some good BBQ, and reasonable. In N. Andover, Shadi's on rte 125 has good Middle Eastern food.

                1. Check out Hometown Seafood for some great chowder and other seafood items. Also LaRosas for great sandwiches. Both are right downtown and have websites. Enjoy!