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Jun 2, 2012 12:07 PM

Anyone Going to Minnesota Cheese Festival 06/03/12?

Tomorrow, Sunday, June 3 Noon - 6 p.m. International Bazaar, State Fair Grounds

Sounds like fun.

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  1. I went. It was terrible. The cheeses were good but the lines were ridiculous long. For some reason they decided to line everyone up so they formed a long line around the booths. It took 15 minutes for me to get around to my first bite. And then you stayed in line for the next booth. You could not do a survey of the stuff and pick and choose.

    The cheesemaking demo wasn't even about cheesemaking. They started showing people how to dip a block of cheese in wax.

    There was zero education, the guy on stage doing the "meet the cheesemaker" sessions had little knowledge of cheese or cheesemaking and couldn't ask the appropriate questions. You can get a better education just reading the labels at Surdyk's.

    I left at about 2pm.

    1. I saw the description of the event, and realized I could do the same thing at France 44 for free.

      1. I looked at their facebook page. Wow.

        1. I think you are being too hard. I went and enjoyed it. Tes the lines tbing bugged me as well. But people did that not them. If you went early you could talk to the cheesemakers. Some of the education was lovely. Also the food trucks rocked. I plan on going next yeR

          1. I realize this is long since over, but in searching out something similar to the Wisconsin Cheese Map (which is now available online ) I saw this CityPages article "Minnesota Cheese Festival organizer talks about lessons learned"

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              I heard there was a similar fiasco with the Food Truck Fair. The point that no one has brought up is that these festivals are not required to sell tickets to everyone who buys one. There is a point where they can say "sold out." And they'll know there is more demand for next time.