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Jun 2, 2012 09:55 AM

Magical restaurant near-ish the Theater District that's ok with well-behaved children

Kids are seeing their first Bway show next week - a matinee. Would love to go somewhere special with them afterward for dinner (e.g. not Shake Shack). My kids are used to eating at great restaurants - in Boston they've been to No. 9, Hammersly's, Erbaluce, etc. They can find something to eat and know how to behave in most places, but I also don't want something too intimate, as we'll be eating around 5:30 or 6.

We'd like to stay midtown-sih, as we are meeting folks for drinks there later that evening, but can venture out of the theatre district. Don't want to go all the way downtown.


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  1. Maybe Ma Peche, and you can go to Momofuku Milk Bar after?

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      Excellent recommendation! I've seen a number of families with children at Ma Peche. The desserts at Milk Bar should definitely please the entire family.

    2. I recommend Joe Allen, on 46th between 8th and 9th. it's a theater district institution; it's casual and fun (the walls are decorated with posters of shows that flopped on Broadway); and the menu is pretty kid-friendly. I loved going there as a kid, and it definitely will round out your kids' experience of their first Broadway show. Also: great brownie with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge sauce for dessert.

        Well behaved children and their parents would have a wonderful time here.
        West 47th Street