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Jun 2, 2012 09:50 AM

fanny chadwick's brunch miss

Just tried this place for brunch today. I have lived in the neighbourhood for a long time and was looking foward to checking it out. After working in the industry for years and having the pleasure of dining at many of Toronto's tastiest places - big and small, popular and off-the-beaten-path, casual and fine, I have to say this place truly was a dissapointment. Though the decor was sweet, clean and charming, the draught list was the only impressive part of the menu. The meat was old, grey and both meals had by myself and my boyfriend were WAY too salty. The 'corned beef hash' was a hugely misleading title for the entree that followed, and the 'house-cured ham' for my build-a-benny was a shade of grey one should never see on a plate. All this could have been saved by some simple service by either the manager or the server. However, when the manager came by to clear my still-full plate, and I expressed my dislike and the saltiness, she proceeded to tell me why each item on the plate 'wouldn't taste like that'. After assuring us she would speak to the kitchen, we never saw her again, until she wordlessly dropped the bill - with every item charged to us. Hugely unprofessional, hugely off-putting, and in a neighbourhood that could beckon the clientele who eat at Tatti, Harbord Room or even By the Way Cafe (most times), they should try just a little harder.

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  1. I'm with you nobrien. I had brunch there once, about 8 months ago, and have not been back. The food was just not good and there are too many good choices to return.

    1. I was there this morning as well! I felt compelled to update the previous thread - but as you've started anew, I'll comment here.
      My previous impression was that food was good-to-very-good, but prices were high for what one received.
      Today was bad-to-very-bad.
      Yet the place was packed.
      Recalling the excellent pancakes I had when they first opened I selected the Buttermilk Pancakes this time. Only after I received them did I realize it was Buckwheat Pancakes that were so good last time. The Buttermilk pancakes were stodgy (to put it mildly) - thick and I couldn't taste any buttermilk. AmuseGirl had the daily omelette which was perfectly acceptable, if unexciting.
      The coffee came less than half-filled cup (OK I'll be fair, one of the two was half-filled). Then the 'second' cup similarly didn't make it past half-way (even though AmuseGirl drinks black).

      Prices have dropped a bit - but quality is waay down. No reason to return - but that will only shorten the queue!

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        These reports are disappointing. I haven't had brunch there in a few months because of the lineups, but have been meaning to make it to dinner at some point. Hard to be in a hurry to do so after reading this.

      2. We regularly do brunch. I've never noticed the food being over seasoned and in my build a Benny, under the egg, hollandais and wilted greens, I've never noticed off colored meat. We did notice about a month or two ago some new faces in the kitchen and there was a slight decline in quality. My bene was not runny and the home fries were a bit burnt. It seems like things are back to normal since the past few times everything has been back to normal. After having been many times, I tend to stick to the Finnish pancakes and the benny. Their hollandais has the right balance of lemon and butter. We put up with the line up because for the price to quality, we haven't found better close to home.

        1. We went for dinner back in April and was really underwhelmed. Everything was pretty mediocre, and service was pretty spotty.