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Dec 12, 2003 11:16 AM

Vista - European Delicatessen - a nice German lunch

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This place makes it's own saurkraut and a delicious German potato salad. In addition, they have a nice little deli and, currently, about 8 different types of imported stollen.

On Melrose, right off the exit on 78, it is across the street from Coco's in the mini mall just behind Wendy's.

The daily special sandwich is a six inch high deal served with that wonderful potato salad. I recommend either the rye bread or the pumpernickel which has a slightly sweet molasses like taste.

I haven't had dessert there yet as just looking at those cream filled wonders causes me to gain weight. They are from Streids Bakery in OC.

The sausages and pork chops are also delivered from Orange County. They are made by a German butcher.

I have had sausage plates where you have a choice of Bratwurst, Fried leberkase, Bockwurst, Knackwurst, smoked Porkchop or German style wieners. Unless you have the appetite of a sumo wrestler, stick with the one sausage plate ($6.95), So far, I like the knackwurst the best. There are little pots of mustard on each table for your sausage.

Excellent saurkraut which is mildly flavored with caraway.

The German potato salad is subtle and buttery. It is not over vinegared or too acidic like many. It is a golden color that reminds me of the rich buttery texture of Yukon gold potatoes, though I'd be surprised if they were.

Small selection of German and domestic beer. I'm not a beer expert. I had the Wersteiner, which I liked.

There's not the selection of Tip Top in the deli case, but many of the cold cuts are very good. They were really nice when I ordered 1/4 pound of quite a few things.

There's loaves of Eastern European breads for sale as well as a few shelves of pickles, saurkraut and cookies.

I think I was one of the few people in there that didn't have an accent and quite a few people were chatting with the deli people in German (I think).

Good value for the money. There are a few mismatched tables with various red checked table cloths. German tapes play in the background (for sale at the counter). White lace curtains hang in the windows. The walls are decorated with travel posters of Germany. A cuckoo clock is discretely on a back wall with VW and Mercedes clocks up front.

They seem to do a big take out business.

Oh yeah, they make their own soup which I've yet to try as it is usually sold out by time I get there.

Lunch is served Tues - Sat from 11am to 3pm, although they stay open till 4 and are open in the morning at 8am for the deli and pastries. You can get a warm bear claw with butter.

Address is 573-D West Vista Way. Phone 724-3354

It's near the Vista Court Complex on the other side of the freeway. Melrose will take you right to it.

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    torta basilica

    Sounds w√ľnderbar! Will try the next time I'm down there - danke!

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      Stanley Stephan

      If you do get to that area, there's a place just down the street that sells handmade tortillas. There's this whole line of Mexican ladies patting out the tortillas. I'll post later. Saturday is Azul tortilla day, so I want to get down there and try those.

      Also, on Friday - Sunday. Primo Market off Emerald Drive on 78 does a great BBQ (except the chicken). The tacos of the freshly BBQ'd meat are a deal at 99 cents. They have a fresh fruit cup inside for 99 cents that you can sprinkle chili powder and lime on. The fruit in the cup is about equivalent to what you get in the supermarket, but the price can't be beat. Nice selection of salsas inside as well.