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Jun 2, 2012 09:04 AM

London (Near Marylebone - Sunday night dinner) Indian or Pub food ideas?

Two of us staying in Marylebone for one night. We are craving Indian but are happy to go to a fun pub to eat/drink too. Any subway or approximate taxi distance info from Marylebone is much appreciated.

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  1. Indian wise -- Trishna is very good for seafood (pricey end of spectrum), Woodlands is pretty good for vegetarian indian, and Colony is from the chef at Benares (but may have closed down).

    Pub wise -- Gunmakers is a very beautiful and fun old pub, but have never tried the food. The Beehive on Crawford Street has very good pub food, though more gastropub than tyical boozer. Personally, I would pop over to Golden Hind, have fish and chips, and then hit the pub for boozing afterwards.

    This suggestion is neither Indian nor a pub, but have you ever tried Le Relais de Venice? They only serve salad, steak, and fries -- it would require lining up early tho, but is worthwhile if you're in the mood for a steak.

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      Thanks for the options! Excited to try some of these. We are coming from Italy so I think we'll go the pubs fish and chips route tonight.

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        Problem with the advice above is that the Golden Hind, in common with most London F & C joints, will be closed on Sunday evening.

    2. Hi - further to brokentelephone's recommendation, I heartily suggest Trishna for Indian and if you can arrive before 7pm today, they have a four course menu for 20GBP. It is great value. It is my favorite place in Marylebone and on a short list of my favorite places in London.

      1. Haven't been to the Duke of Wellington on Crawford Street in a few years, but found it excellent when I was last there. Would be grateful for an update.

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          Oh yah -- i went there a few years back and really enjoyed it.

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            Hi again, thanks again for weighing in on this. We were there on the Sunday of the Queen's Jubilee so... everything was closed pretty much except a few restaurants. We ended up eating at Woodlands which we enjoyed. We'll try a few of these the next time we are there.