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Jun 2, 2012 08:50 AM

Markos: Westerly, RI

Has anyone been to Markos (formerly of Boon Street in Narragansett) since they moved to Westerly? They were a really good spot for authentic middle eastern at their old location, wondering if they've expanded the menu or changed in any way since moving to the new spot.

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  1. We hadn't figured out what we wanted to do for dinner tonight when I saw this post. We had never been to the Narragansett location, but I googled and read the reviews and we decided to give it a try. We are from Detroit, where there is the largest arabic population outside of the Middle East, so we are used to really good Middle Eastern food, and hadn't found anything around here other than the Pita Spot in Mystic, which is good but pricey for what you get.
    The food at Markos was good to excellent, but the service left much to be desired. We got the vegetarian sampler plate and the kabob sampler and split both. We paid $1 extra for fattoush salad as the side dish with the kabobs and that was a good decision. Everything on the sampler plate was good, but not outstanding.
    The 2 types of chicken on the kabob sampler were some of the best chicken I have eaten in recent history. I don't usually "enjoy" chicken - I just eat it. But I enjoyed this chicken - it was so moist and flavorful. The shrimp were well seasoned. I wasn't as fond of the beef, but it was still good.
    With regards to the service - this is the type of restaurant where I would expect to see the owners at least making an appearance, but there were no signs. Just 2 waitresses, and we seemed to have the less experienced of the 2 taking care of us. It seemed like both things we ordered were meant to be shared, but there were no serving utensils with either of them which made it awkward to share - not as bad since I was dining with my own husband, but if I was with a friend I would have felt strange about sticking my fork into a shared dish (and I probably would have asked for serving utensils). For the kabobs, she gave us bread plates to use as our dinner plates and they simply weren't big enough to eat the salad and meat.

    We will definitely go back - the food was worth it. I am also thinking that it would be a great spot to pick up sandwiches on the way to Watch Hill when we go to the beach.

    We were intrigued by the restaurant on the other side of the parking lot that had "DUMPLING" in big neon letters. We stopped in and picked up a carry-out menu and they are supposed to have homemade dumplings - we might go there for appetizers next time!

    The menu is available on their web site:

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      WOW - I had no idea they opened a place in Westerly .... did this happen recently?? I certainly haven't seen anything in the paper about it... I am really excited to have them here.

      Candace - definitely stop by the Dumpling place --- very good dumplings (I get the veggie) and the owners are very friendly & accommodating.

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        Based on the review above, we went and had a great meal. I had the chicken jaj kabob, seasoned with cardamon, and my wife had a ginger shrimp kabob that was fabulous with half a dozen large succulent shrimp. We also loved the veggie sampler appetizer, esp the delicious baba ganoush. And the rice pudding was simple, but devine. No liquor license yet, so byob

      2. We were very sad to learn they left Narragansett, as Markos was a consistent go-to place for us for take-out. But I have to say the service was always hit or miss up here, as well. Sorry to hear that travelled with them to Westerly. FWIW, our standard order was usually the vegetarian sampler and chicken kabob. Nice choice! We also enjoy the couscous soup and the foule. Probably not enough to make a special trip down to Westerly, but we would certainly go if we were in the area.

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          Markos has closed in Westerly - they are back in Narragansett.