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Jun 2, 2012 08:40 AM

URGENT! Craving authentic Japanese dinner TONIGHT! [Detroit Area]

Wife and I want to go out tonight for a Japanese dinner. Sharaku, Hanzo, Fumi, Ajishin.....where should we go?

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  1. I doubt I can help you (your profile says you are in MI) but you might get responses if you said WHERE in the 6-state Great Lakes region** you are looking to have this dinner.

    ** Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ohio (

    1. Hi Q2C, If you can afford a big meal at one of these places, then why don't you have a drink and a small plate or two at TWO of the places. Double your fun. Kitchen Hanzo and Sharaku are in the same strip mall, so pull up to the food bar at both. Kitchen Hanzo is sweet. Some of their stuff is high priced blue collar greasy hangover-prevention chow, but you will love the cozy Japanese vibe in there, and you will find some winners. I've not had sushi at Sharaku, but it looked impressive when I poked my head in there. Please report back. :-)

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        Thanks so much, that sounds awesome! Will be doing that for sure.

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          So I'm'd it turn out?

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            Well we ended up at Sharaku only as my wife really wanted to go to the movies and doing all 3 (Hanzo) wouldn't have been possible. We were more then happy! Started with the fried oysters which were so plump and fresh....big difference from the limp, dry, sad little things most places serve. We kept it very simple and each got the sushi (in between deluxe and omakase), forgive me for not remembering the name of the selection. Had uni, toro, salmon roe, yellowfin, bonito, king crab, shrimp, sea bass, salmon belly and an amazing salmon roll in the bento box. All were the best i've had this side of NYC. My wife had never had toro, so I was excited for her to try it. Did NOT dissapoint. "I didn't know fish could be that buttery" was her reply. All in all a great meal. About a $100 with one drink each. We will be back. Thanks VTB for the info.