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Jun 2, 2012 08:31 AM

Best new restaurants in Cambridge, Somerville?


I'm driving to Kendall Square this afternoon to watch a Russian movie and want to try a new restaurant for dinner afterwards.

My tastes run toward hole-in-the-wall ethnic cuisines. They must be vegetarian friendly. Any new places you'd recommend?


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  1. Not "ethnic" or hole in the wall, but the best new restaurant near Kendall in the last couple years is Area IV. Plenty of items for vegetarians. Get some pizzas.

    1. probably too late but veggie friendly is Veggie Galaxy on Mass Ave in Central Square

      1. Also too late for you but to consider next time... I am loving casa b in union square. Inventive pan south American small plates executed with care. I like to sit downstairs at the small bar overlooking the kitchen and watch the attention they put into each plate. Very meat heavy menu (I love the pork belly natch) but also some lovely veggie offerings. Last time a pigeon pea hummus with plantain chips might have been the best in show.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions.

          I went to Kolbeh of Kebob, a Persian restaurant. It was empty on a rainy Saturday evening, but was pretty good.