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Jun 2, 2012 08:25 AM

Shore Fresh Seafood ~ Point Pleasant

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  1. we went here yesterday and cannot believe it took me this long to go!!

    First off, it is quite the find for the freshest fish I have had in some time!! We arrived around 5 ish, because the place is small and is mostly take out. The place was so busy with people coming off the beach buying fish, soft shell crabs, shrimp, and everything else. When you walk in, all you see is such fresh fish!! I saw the soft shell crabs, and they were calling my name!!!

    We had a dozen oyster on the half shell and they were super-fresh! I just wish they served a mignonette sauce with them instead of cocktail, but I eat them plain and simply loved them! We also had a dozen of great steamers!! For dinner we had the soft shell crabs over linguine. They were scampi style and served right in the saute pan!! The place serves everything on paper plates and the utensils are plastic, but since the fish is so fresh..we don't care!! My mother had broiled scallops and they were so tender and plump!

    I ordered my daughter mac and cheese and even that was nice and tasty!! For all this great stuff the check was $ 80.20 before tip. A complete bargain for the quality of the food for the 3 of us and my little munchkin!!

    I am sure the place gets super busy on the weekend nights. Not many tables inside, and outside there are only a few as well. It is off the beaten path, but a GREAT find!!

    If you like seafood....definately try the place, but like I is not fancy, paper plates, plastic forks and knives, but super fresh quality!!!

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      So we went again yesterday, but to the newset location in Pt. Plesant Beach. Did I mention how great the place is!!??

      Had a great piece of monkfish and again, those fresh oysters!!!

      Anyway, I also came across this in the Star Ledger:

      1. re: Angelina

        The Channel Drive location is generally a good spot to pick up whole fish.

      2. re: Angelina

        We stopped in to the one on Bridge Road (?) Saturday on our way back from the shore. It was a few miles off our track, but I felt like having something better than the rest stops on the GSP. It was very nice-- The buffalo shrimp were amazing; I would have gotten the buffalo calamari but no one else would have shared them then. The lobster roll was good, but I prefer one that is less "lobster salad" and more "lobster". My son got fish and chips and my husband got broiled flounder. It was nice to sit and be served by a friendly waitress for a little final outing for our beach week.

        1. re: DGresh

          Glad you liked it Dgresh. Funny....we had lunch at the location in the fantastic! We both had the broiled scallops and they were soo fresh and wonderful...and yes!! more oysters!!! I think I am going back again this weekend!!!

          1. re: Angelina


            We will have to part company on this one. We had lunch at the original location a few weeks ago. Very disappointing. The New England Clam Chowder was just o.k. The fish and chips were sub-par. I doubt we'll be back.


            1. re: RGR

              I didn't realize the Coop location (PPB) and Bridge Ave (Boro) were related. Used to frequent the Coop before they changed to more of a restaurant. Never went to the Boro shop, as it's a bit off-putting to have a seafood restaurant next to a bait store!!

              Worth a try, though.

              Nice to read that the Coop is still functioning.

              1. re: ooi82much

                Re-functioning. I understand that the ownership changed after being closed for a while.

              2. re: RGR

                Hi RGR! Sp sorry I did not respond sooner! busy and away! :)

                Anyway, sorry you did not care for Shore Fresh. I never had the soup because I did not like how it sat in that pot next to the counter for God only knows how long. (Sorry.) I never had the fried fish there, so I can't comment...but I will tell you a feew things I did not like there:

                -Fried clams...tatsed liked the frozen bag I could buy myself in any supermarket.

                -Lobster roll...missing something, butter on the sde or on the bun, more lobster, I don't know..was just off to me.

                I can tell you I really did and do love the oysters on the half shell. I have had them 4 times so far and they have always been great! The scallops are fabulous!! Super fresh and never have made me sorry I have ordered them!! The soft shell crab over linguine. Really good and 2 times I have been pleased....

                Finally..very happy with the mac and cheese for my daughter....I thought it was going to be the "Kraft mac & cheese" and would have never ordered it if it was...but what a delight, a very tasty and delish mac and cheese my daughter likes!!! :) Like her mama makes @ home!! :)

                Sorry again you did not have a good experience. I know how frustrating that is! (Wiat until you read my take on that new pizza place in Manalapan...Mark Joseph's..ugggh...wish I kept driving on Rt. 9!!)



                1. re: Angelina

                  No need for apologies, A. :)

                  I don't eat oysters, and while I do like scallops, even if they're fabulous, honestly, I don't think it's worth the shlep. Glad that the mac & cheese pleased your little gourmet-in-training.

                  Looking forward to reading your review of Mark Joseph.