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Jun 2, 2012 07:26 AM

Blue Sage, again!

I got to eat at Blue Sage for the second time (but third meal from the place since I had takeout once).
I devourer my food here every time. I finally got dessert (Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich )this time by taking home some of my dinner but I do have to say it was abeit disappointing. The cookie was just too hard and I think it would have been better with peanut butter ice cream and/or peanut butter sauce. That was somewhat of a let down after the fabulous meal we had. I wish I had more time and stomach to try more on the menu. For this visit, I had what I definitely recommend: the tartare appetizer ( I could eat this all day every day) and the buddha tacos. Afterwards I was already dreaming my next visit. Next time, I want the summer rolls and the cubano supper! Now if only I could convince my carnivore husband to come here. I like meat too but this place still satisfies my food orgasms each visit. BTW, I wish they were open Sundays too and big lesson of last night, always call ahead and make a reservation. For some reason, I never had to in the past and/or I thought they didn't accept them. Enjoy!

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  1. Cmad thanks for the great review. What did you have to eat last night? I personally enjoy their blue corn asperagus tacos...

    Re reservations. I have actually been turned away during the week when I didn't have a reservation, even though the room was not completely full. So I always suggest to people to get reservations.

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      See the edit, I had what I recommended!

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        Quite right on reservations, Cw. Always seen stop in's turned out. I am surprised little even made it in. Good karma I would suppose?

      2. As I've mentioned elsewhere on this site, Blue Sage is probably the most inventive little restaurant in Bucks, but if you really want world-class vegan cuisine, then Vedge in Philadelphia is far better. It has one numerous awards. My friends in California have heard of it. Also, for fast/cheap vegan noshes nothing beats HipCityVedge in Rittenhouse Square.

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          Sprig and Vine in New Hope is doing a lot more creative vegan and vegetarian food than Blue Sage. They focus more on the ingredients rather than using vegetables to mimic meat products.

          HipCity Vedge also has a new place in University City as well.

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            I'm w/ PicklePaul on this. Vedge is leagues ahead of Blue Sage, although the latter can be fun. I have not been to Spring and Vine yet, and I do enjoy HCV for quick eats although I don't get the furor over the place.

            One thing I have found that is helpful when going to Vedge or any vegan restaurant is asking them to go light on the oil. I find that a lot of these places drench the dishes in oil for whatever reason and that just kills a lot of the fresh flavor for me. if anything, you need to go lighten when focusing on vegetables so you do not miss the subtleties of their flavors.

            1. re: cwdonald

              Agree, Sprig and Vine much more satisfying than Blue Sage. BS can be tasty, but can be boring or even worse, too sweet mains. But, unfortunately, we're a lot closer to BS than to S&V, so we go to BS much more.

          2. My wife tried Sprig and Vine and liked it very much, although she still feels Vedge is at a higher-level, of course. Regarding Vedge, I understand that they are going to open a bistro that is a bit more casual in the Rittenhouse later in 2014. I'm looking forward to it. By the way, if you like crepes, there are plenty of non-meat and non-dairy at the nice creperie around 16th and South called SoCrepe. The owners are from Brittany in France and know their stuff. Expect to wait a bit, as each crepe is made completely from scratch. No premix anything there. It's BYOB and very reasonable with a nice modern feel. Nearby is Magpie for... wait for it.... the best pie in Philly. :-)

            I am such an embarrassingly intense foodie. :-)

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              Rich and Kate do a good job at Vedge. Hope you have a copy of his new cookbook. I have enjoyed eating their food since they were in Willow Grove. Several of the folks at both Sprig and Vine and Blue Sage worked with Rich over the years, so you can see his influence in some of the best vegetarian restaurants in the city, and he has designed the menu at Hip City Vedge. I was disappointed his West Coast project fell through. Would have been nice to see the development of the a stephen starr like empire that is vegan..

            2. Update! I finally tried Brunch at Blue Sage! Love my Dried Blueberry Blue Corn Johnnycakes with maple marscapone (really had no taste) and fresh berries (not enough). Got the Blue BT as my second dish since its a favorite. Don't remember it having mayo. Will have to skip the mayo next time or I'l just order TWO breakfast type dishes. On this day I was in the mood for Breakfast, then Lunch. Also really had wished some more of the Second Menu was available on the first menu. Like I said I'll double up on Breakfast next time!

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                I had a chance to have some very good vegan Corn Chowder at HipCityVedge on 18th Street (just south of Chestnut St.). It is definitely a hipster kind of place, but very friendly. The soup had a nice green in it that added a lot of flavor, but I'm not sure what it was.

                I haven't been to Blue Sage for a long time, but I remember enjoying their black bean soup in the past.

                1. re: PicklePaul

                  Just looked at HipCityVeg's menu and have to say, I'm not impressed. I feel like NOTHING compares with Blue Sage. After all who else makes Dried Blueberry Blue Corn Johnny Cakes?

                  1. re: littlecmad

                    HipCityVedge is really vegan fast food whereas Blue Sage, Vedge, Sprig and Vine etc are full restaurants.. definitely apples and oranges... (organic only of course.). Love the sound of those johnny cakes!

                    1. re: cwdonald

                      cwdonald is right. It is just vegan fast food, but don't think McDee's type of quality -- it's good, wholesome vegan food. That said; you really have to go to places like Vedge, if you want to find better than Blue Sage, which is surprisingly good for a restaurant in the middle of nowhere. :-)