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Jun 2, 2012 07:26 AM

Paganini - Doylestown

Having been to this restaurant before (and not loving it) we made the unfortunate mistake of going there again last night because the wait at 86 West was too long. This is without a doubt, the worst restaurant in Doylestown and we have been to almost all of them. The service was awful, not greeted at our table for at least ten minutes, multiple requests for water and bread were ignored mistakes on orders, etc. And then there's the food/menu. Most of the dishes here are pasta with little or no protein component. Last night we were told that we could add a meatball to our pasta and so I did. Then the dish came out without it and I was told the chef didn't feel it went with that dish. I replied that the chef was an idiot. And the dish sucked, to boot. After a painstaking hour and a half we declined coffee and dessert, paid the $200 tab (for four) and headed over to 86 West for a nightcap to blot out the memory of the terrible meal we had just endured. We will NEVER set foot in this poor excuse for an Italian restaurant again and suggest you do the same. I guess the place survives on tourists who go there unknowingly. I'm sure regular D'town diners know better.

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  1. Cava I am really sorry you had such a dreadful experience at Paganini. There are better italian restaurant options in the area, including Il Melograno, Domani Star, and in Buckingham Bacci. On top of it you were in Doylestown on first Friday which has gotten so big and out of control that some residents were trying to have First Friday cancelled. I personally avoid D'town like a plague on first Fridays.

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      We were only in town because a friend was participating in a short "!st Fri. event." We have been to all of the other restaurants you named and they are all far superior. We didn't expect much from Paganini in the first place, and got even less. Bummer.