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Jun 2, 2012 04:47 AM

Liquor-soaked fruit

I am chasing liquor soaked fruit recipe that I tasted at a wedding at Perona Farms in NJ. I have had my fair share of fruit soaked in alcohol, ie watermelon with a hole punched in it and a bottle of vodka turned upside down, and other chopped fruits soaked in liquor....but these fruit were different. None of them tasted very strong of alcohol. None had freezer burn as if had been pre frozen, and all were so strong that the chef said each one was like taking a shot of vodka. Of the slices of fruit, pineapple soaked in rum, apple soaked in gin, and a few other slices, all of them still held their structural integrity and were still enjoyable to eat.

Does anyone have any additional methods to soak fruit to make it come out like this?

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  1. If they were as strong as a shot of vodka, they would either have to be huge or made with high-proof grain alcohol, so I doubt they are as strong as the chef indicated. Most likely they're barely alcoholic.

    I don't have a recipe, but quality is really the key component, IMO. Your infused fruit can't be any better than your starting ingredients, so if you want great infused fruit, you have to start with great fruit and great liquor.

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        contact Perona Farms where you had the fruit and ask them. I have never been refused a request like that and I ask quite often for recipes.

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        Fruit exacerbates the sensation of alcohol on the tongue which is why they seem to "soak up" all the booze such as here or in sangria.

        Also, for structural integrity, matching the sugar content is key otherwise they swell or shrink by osmotic pressure. Look up a detailed description of how to make your own brandied cherries which includes binning the cherries by brix/sugar content.