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Jun 1, 2012 09:53 PM

Plastic Grocery Bag Ban - what do you do about meat?

My city's bag ban begins next month, and while I applaud the environmental theory behind it, it's going to be incredibly annoying. I stop at the grocery store pretty much every other day for one or two things and I often forget my reusable bags since I don't think I'm going to be going to the store that day - only I get the text from husband that we're out of food for the dog, and off I stop on the way home.

Our dog eats raw, which means I'm usually buying meat on these little jaunts, so even when I bring my own bags, that's the one item I use their plastic bags for. At the farmer's market, I bag my strawberries because they stain everything. I don't want meat leaking through paper bags onto my car, or spreading e. coli to my resuables....if you exclusively bring your own bags, what do you do about meat and foods that stain? And, related, with what do you pick up your dog poop? =)

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  1. I do not mean to be disrespectful but do you really applaud the 'thought' that went into this ban? How bad are plastic bags for the environment, truthfully.
    Clearly you find the bags useful, most people do. Why the ban and why would you support it?

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      Not to steer it into too political a discussion, but I do applaud the thought that went into it - they use a tremendous amount of petroleum to create, they end up in sewers and trees and are an eyesore, they build up in landfills and oceans and don't break down. they are hazards for birds and sealife that eat them... I just wish they would limit their use rather than ban them outright, or have them available for 5 cents if I so chose to avoid getting juice on my other items. I'm a compromise/moderation kind of person rather than a one-size-fits-all.

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        I will be happy when I no longer see plastic grocery bags floating in the air or waving from tree tops.

        As I grew up, there were no plastic groery bags. Seemed to work out alright without them.

        I applaud the action.

      2. High five! My town's bag ban goes into effect soon, and I feed raw too. I think I'm going to designate one of my sturdier, plastic lined reusable bags as the meat bag. If something leaks, so be it, it'll be contained. If I know I'm buying something really fragile, I bring containers. I'm a wide mouth quart mason jar girl who makes the odd exception for the safety of plastic. And really, if berries leaked a little in a reusable mesh or fabric bag onto other groceries, it'd be okay. I think we could probably all stand to adjust our standards a bit.

        1. We've had the ban in Santa Monica for a while and the grocery stores still have the plastic produce bags. Whole Foods wasn't using plastic shopping bags well before the city banned them, but they still have the smaller plastic bags available in the produce and bulk sections.

          My local pet stores still sell the plastic waste bags and I haven't seen any signs saying they're going away.

          I have no idea about the actual legalities behind all of this. My guess is that health codes take precedence over environmental issues for the time being.

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          1. re: Azizeh

            Produce bags continue to be provided - all my meat will be placed into those (probably double bagged) before I put them into my bag.

          2. where I am, plastic shopping bags have been banned for years -- you really do get used to carrying bags in the car when you have no choice.

            The meat departments usually have plastic bags -- or the produce department always has the super-thin bags (because nobody's really going to dump a pound of mushrooms loose into a cloth bag....)

            And we buy biodegradable bags for the dog.

            1. Not sure about your town, but here only the bags used to carry things out of the store are banned- the deli, meat and produce sections all still have plastic bags.

              (a fellow raw feeder!)