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Jun 1, 2012 09:17 PM

Baconfest - DTW

Anybody heading to Baconfest later today (June 2nd) at Royal Oak Farmers Market?

We picked up a couple tickets from a friend, apparently it's now sold out. Looking forward to trying all things bacon!

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  1. I cannot be the only one who attended Baconfest! I was hoping for opinions! It was a lot of fun. There were some excellent offerings and a few, I think, missed the mark a little.

    The Bacon Vodka was interesting, Cork Wine Pub's Pork Belly Slider was very good. Zin Wine Bar's Bacon Stuffed Squash Blossom with Black Garlic was very tasty. The Butterscotch Bacon Pudding from Cafe Muse was not a highlight, their Mac and Cheese was good, but across the aisle Cheeky Monkeys' Butterscotch Bacon Scones and Maple Glazed Walnuts were awesome. Can't remember who had the Candied Bacon on a Stick but they was excellent too, maybe Toasted Oak?

    I think we probably tried 15 items. I wish I hadn't run out of stomach room before trying everything.

    It was a great night and I was glad to see so many restaurants and food businesses having fun with some really creative dishes.

    I will definitely return if they plan another for next year!

    1. You were not the only one....I was in attendance too. Highlights for me were (in no order)...

      1. Caramel Candied Apple with Bacon from Root
      2. Pork Belly with the Mac and Cheese from Union Woodshop
      3. Frankenbacon from Detroit BBQ company. *Bacon Explosion as many may know it.
      4. Everything from Grange. That dude hit it out of the park.
      Spicy bacon, bleu cheese and dates!
      Chocolate-covered candied bacon!
      Bacon jam and goat-cheese toasts!

      Big Disappointment for me was the showing of Rattlesnake Club. If Bacon improves the taste of everything....They found the exception. Bland, Blah and Bleeeeck.

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        Oh I am criminal to LazyBones. They had a great Bacon Candy (Brown Sugared bacon) and the only dish I came back for seconds on. A Bacon Fried Rice covered with a Bacon Fried Peanuts and Bacon Granola type thingy....covered with some BBQ sauce and I opted for the Siracha. Got to finally meet Deni and begged him to open a store in Canton. :)

        1. re: JanPrimus

          How did I miss that one? Sounds awesome!

      2. Thank you guys for reporting on this. I'm so jealous!! I was so curious about the results of everyones bacon imaginations. Hopefully I will be able to make the trip next time around.