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Jun 1, 2012 08:38 PM

Summer in New Orleans!! Where do I Start??

Hi Hounders,

I Just Arrived in New Orleans for a proper summer Vacation. I've been here before during the winter and loved it, so I deciced to give it a go for the season. I've already hit up a lot of great places between now and then (cafe dumonde, cochon butcher, gene's poboys, mr. b's, commander's, green goddess) so I'm here to find out where the locals eat. I'm on foot, so somewhere in the greater N.O. are would be great. Any and all cuisines are welcome. food truck or brick and mortar are all fair game just as long as there tasty and not too pricey (15-20 lunch 25-35 dinner).

thanks Hounders!

P.S. where can I score a mean thing of yaka mein??

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  1. Have you dined at:

    Restaurant August

    Those would be a good start.



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    1. re: Bill Hunt

      I plan on going to August for their amazing luch prix fixe. I know Stella's great, but I sorta feel as if I can get a great experience for less cash at Stanley... am I right? Galatoire's is a must. Any suggestions on casual places?

      1. re: eatinggumdrops

        Stella and Stanley are so different, it's insane, so comparing them is not advisable. Also, Stanley isn't that great an experience (of course, I've had my issues with Stella! too, sigh.) Stanley isn't bad, it's just... you know... not an "experience" in any way. I'd recommend Brigsten's over Stella for a somewhat fancier/formal affair (Restaurant R'evolution seems to be getting good feedback right out of the gate, as a high end place, but I haven't been, so.) Also to try: Coquette, Root, Parkway, Dante's, Herbsaint, Sylvain, Maurepas, Magasin. I love the restaurants on Freret St., but it's probably not worth going over there for someone from the Bay Area.

        1. re: noradeirdre

          Other than Cure (mostly for cocktails), what other restaurants are there on Freret that I should check out?

          1. re: eatinggumdrops

            High Hat for local Delta-meets-New-Orleans cuisine. I had an amazing braised pork chop with mashed potatoes, mustard greens, and gravy there for lunch today and it was probably the best pork chop I've ever had. Also fresh peach lemonade and blueberry-Steen's pie with homemade peach ice cream. The menu you see online seems somewhat limited, but everything on it is excellent, and they always have specials with what's local. (there was also an awesome looking watermelon-crab salad on the board, but I knew I'd want pie, so no appetizer for me.)

            The Company Burger has great burgers, Ancora has classic Neopolitan pizza, and Midway Pizza has deep dish, but they aren't super unique to New Orleans.

            If you can get to Freret Street Donut & Poboy shop during the day, their shrimp poboy is fantastic. Also Dat Dog, though I haven't been, I've heard it's good. (if I'm in the area for something delicious but casual, I gravitate toward Company Burger instead of Dat Dog.)

        2. re: eatinggumdrops

          I have only done Stella! for dinner, and then Stanley! for breakfast, or brunch.

          I cannot answer the question directly.

          Sorry, but enjoy!


      2. Have lunch at Cochon. Great food and atmosphere, and its casual.

        EDIT Whoops I fail at reading. Must have skipped over it on your list.

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        1. re: twyst

          I've been reading about Cochon via Chowhound. Cochon is now on my list of definites. Is Port of Call overrated, or is it a must?

          1. re: eatinggumdrops

            It's probably the best burger in NOLA, but Id skip it if I was from out of town. I have no idea where you are from, but you probably have a burger there thats as good or better than port of call. It doesnt compare to other cities famous burgers (minetta tavern in NYC, umami burger in LA etc)

            1. re: twyst

              I'm coming from SF where there is an Unami Burger. My favorite Burger is found ar Nopa in SF, but that's for another thread. Since I'm here for the summer, I may stop by if it's convient.

            2. re: eatinggumdrops

              I think Port of Call is way overrated. Been there a couple of times, have never been impressed. It's just a damn burger.

          2. I heard Cafe Atchafalaya is better for brunch than dinner. Any thoughts?

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            1. re: eatinggumdrops

              Brunch gets a lot of press because, well, the menu is great, but also the bloody mary bar is a big draw. I've had a couple nice dinners there though. But given how things shake out, there are SO many other awesome places for dinner, it's probably best to go there for brunch.