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Les 1e Vendredis - Food Trucks at Parc Olympique

deadchildstar Jun 1, 2012 08:36 PM

Anyone else head up to the Food Trucks?

It was crazy. A little disappointing, I guess, though mostly what I expected. Huge crowds - even right at 6pm, the line ups were insane. Particularly for Grumman and La Mangeoire. (Then, of course, my friends took another half hour to show up - frustrating).

They gave out free drink coupons upon entrance, which was a nice perk. Lucky's truck was - it seemed - instantly sold out of Lobster Rolls and Duck Confit from 6:10pm onward, and they were sold out of everything and close up shop by 7pm. Conversely, the weird hot dog truck (Hotbulldog?) didn't open until about 7pm. They only sold hot dogs, nothing else.

Wound up getting a round of Nouveau Palais burgers to start - the shortest line, I wasn't sure why at first. They only offered burgers, so perhaps not as exciting - but then I realized - they were one of the few outfits actually moving people along efficiently, from what I could tell. Many lines barely moved at all. NP had an assembly line going, and the burgers were hot, fresh, tasty (but small). Still, worth the $4.50.

Then - after waiting in line at Lucky's and getting turned away - over to Pas de Cochon (?) for what was supposed to be Pulled Pork, but having sold out, Pulled Turkey instead, and grilled asparagus, which was cold, and I don't think it was originally intended to be. Nice flavour, but should have been warm. My friends had the oysters, which were "okay." The pulled turkey was actually pretty good all things considered. Very tasty, good quality, nice bun. Just not what I was hoping for I guess.

I've tried the Grumman tacos, so I wanted to try something else, but just couldn't bear lining up for La Mangeoire. In all, I spent about $16 - friends spent 18 each (oysters were a bit more expensive). Drinks: free (!).

Anyone else manage to make it out of the lineups alive?

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    westaust RE: deadchildstar Jun 2, 2012 09:47 AM

    Couldn't make it last night, but surely wants to visit at another occasion.

    As for the sold outs, efficiency problems, other than grumman 78, all of these other food trucks are brand new in the game, and will (i hope) address their problems with quantities/speed, as did grumman when they first started operations a few years ago

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