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Jun 1, 2012 07:56 PM

Someplace like Palate Food+Wine Glendale

Any suggestions for a restaurant with a menu / vibe like Palate? I hosted a wonderful party for 15 in the back library room a few years ago. The food and wine were amazing and the room was perfect. Private but still had the feel of the mood of the restaurant. I am hosting another dinner and would love to find something similar. Bonus points for a private dining room! Any ideas?? Thank you!

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  1. Sadly, at that price point - not many places like Palate. Especially in Glendale.

    Canale in atwater looks nice - but at least twice the cost.

    Bashan's fixed price menu looks good - but I have no idea how their wine selection is.

    Auntie Em's used to do a seasonal dinner menu with colorado wine co - and that looked AWESOME - but I have no idea if they are stlll doing such a thing.

    Maybe pre-buy 15 - 20 tix at Silver Lake wine for their sunday tastings?

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      Thank you for the suggestions. BTW,, the restaurant does not need to be in the Glendale area. Anything in Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley would be fine.

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        I did see J. Gold's review and it looked AWESOME!

        Have you been?

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            I'm so glad for your feedback!

            We need to take some folks out for dinner Thursday Glendale/Pasadena, and so far, nothing's really been sparking me. The review looked excellent, but extra in person reports - a gift. Thank you!

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              Racion is great. In Pasadena we also like Vol 94.

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          That menu looks amazing!!! Thanks!

        2. In Glendale or...?

          I put Palate in the category of a contemporary small plates restaurant. As far a food goes (love their multiple-sized, reasonably-priced wine pours). Are you looking for similarity in food and/or the wine concept?

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            It's too bad about Palate's closing as they certainly set the bar for that area of the city in a lot of ways...

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              Didn't know they closed. That's sad to hear. Had business cooled? Or was it a lease or location issue? Are they moving? Anyone know what Octavio is doing next?

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                There was a sign or a post on their website that said "reorganization in progress"... So sad it was unique...

                1. re: foodiemahoodie

                  "reorganization " is what I read...

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                  Oh my, I would have thought the bar was set by Mauro Vincenti of Rex il Ristorante, but earlier of Mauro's in Glendale close to Palate Food + Wine on Brand.

                  Sadly, gone too early ...


              2. Noir Food and Wine is a small plates place with reasonably priced wine pours that I enjoy. It's on the smaller side but i think 15 people could fit in their outdoor patio!

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                  I was going to suggest Noir as well. The vibe's a bit different, but they do have a private room and are open to setting up parties/wine dinners.

                2. Thank you for all the suggestions. I ended up making a reservation at Osteria la Buca in Hollywood. They have a great semi private loft dining room above the main dining room. It's not small plates but they are doing a prix fix family style meal for $40 pp for 4 courses. Amazing value for the quality of the food and the ambience, I think!

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                    Oseteria la Buca?! That is nothing, remotely like Palate Food & Wine.