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Jun 1, 2012 07:35 PM

Farmers Markets?

I am looking for a farmers market that actually has seasonal vegetables and fruits for sale, as most of the farmers markets that I have been to have had primarily prepared foods and drinks. And as much as I like being able to try all the delicious food that the vendors have prepared, I would love to be able to buy fresh and local fruits and vegetables. I am in the SW Houston area, not far outside of the loop and close to 59, and I am willing to travel for a good farmers market.


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  1. There is a good one in north Houston that my step-daughter goes to I think on Airline. I'm sure posters here know about it, I haven't been. I stopped at one in Anahauc this week and picked up tomatoes, plums, sweet sweet strawberries and sweet sweet watermelon. Kind of pricey though.

    Canino Produce is the name of the one in north Houston I think.

    1. Which ones have you been too? Here's a map courtesy of the Press:

      I've been to all the Urban Harvest FMs inside the loop except City Hall, which I understand from a recent thread is mostly food trucks. The biggest is Eastside on Saturday ams. HCC SW has been down to about 8 or 10 vendors total the last couple of times I've been. At all of them it's a pretty even balance between actual produce and products but I've never done a booth count.

      I enjoy a trip to Froberg's Farm between Alvin and Manvel off Hwy 6 a couple of times a year. They sell their own farm grown produce but it's probably never more than about 1/5 of their total offerings and they do sell pies, jams, etc. plus produce from all over Delorio's, on Hwy 6 @ 290 at Hempstead may be the same, I don't know.

      Canino's is a produce wholesaler; may have some locally grown but it's produce from all over except for some of the stalls in the back which may be actual farmers.

      Re: fruit - this isn't a good fruit growing area and you'll never find much. Most of our fruit comes from the Valley or out of state. Froberg is rather famous for their strawberries and you can pick your own.

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        I'm with brucesw on this. Not much fruit here other than watermelons in August at Delorio's. Back when I was in a house, I had a large vegetable garden, and the window on veggies is very short. Spring I grew onions and potatos planted in the winter. Tomatos and green beans last maybe six weeks in late April to mid June, peas come a little later as does corn, with a very short window. Okra comes later in summer, and broccoli is good in winter. Canino's has Froberg strawberries, and we go for them and lower prices than the stores for other produce. So in answer to your question, timing is everything.

      2. Thanks guys. I know that I am completely spoiled in that I recently moved from Northern California, where you can get just picked fruits and veggies year round, but I was hoping for something a little similar to the farmers markets that I knew in SF and Berkeley. I have been to a number of the Urban Harvest markets, and yes the Eastside is the best I have been to.

        I was also wondering if there was a place similar to the South Carolina State Farmers Market which is a huge daily (except Sundays I think) market where farmers bring their vegetables and fruits to sell to both restaurants and individuals, but I think that may be an unusual thing to have in a state as I have never seen anything similar anywhere else.

        I will check out Camino's as I have read a number of good things about it. And I will try to be less spoiled.

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          I'm orginally from Southern CA and have yet to find a farmer's market in Houston that is similar to the ones I would frequent in CA. Canino's might work for me but I live on the opposite side of Houston. My neighborhood natural market has limited but nice locally grown produce. You might check to see if you have a similar market in your area.

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            Yeah, I miss those California farmers markets. I don't really have a good market for vegetables in my neighborhood, mostly I go to Whole Foods, or order a box of vegetables from a co-op. But both of those options are expensive for the amount of vegetables that I get. Oh well.

        2. Come on out to the Sugar Land farmer's market this Saturday from 9:00 to 1:00. While there are many prepared products, there are also many local growers. We've had great peaches recently from Country Boy's Treasures (Sugar Land) and Gunderman Farms (Glen Flora). Lots of great produce.

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            I have been meaning to try that one as well, as it is not too far from where I live. Thanks!

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              I was down in Sugar Land last week and saw the location for that; looks very good. Probably a little closer for me than Eastside and less of a parking hassle. I'm looking forward to checking it out.