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Jun 1, 2012 06:21 PM

Big A Pizza, Milford NH

Haven't seen this place talked about, and I think it deserves a mention. This is not the Greek-style pizza that permeates the area. They've got the thinnest crust I've seen north of Boston 'burbs (again, except for Crush, which is a whole different ballgame). The sauce is good--while not noteworthy, not sweet. A plain pizza comes with just the right amount of cheese, and their specialty pizzas are great too--there's a white one with chicken that is excellent, and other toppings are decent. A large plain is $6.99 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, which I find a good bargain. I've only gotten subs once, but enjoyed what I had (chicken cutlet) and plan to try another for lunch soon.

The owner is almost always there when I go in, and he and the other regular pizza guy are just so nice. Big A even delivered to our house in the midst of the October snowstorm when most of the area, including my street, was in the dark. (And it took 4 phone calls to complete the order, because my phone kept cutting out, but that's another story.)

They're in the Cumberland Farms mini-strip mall on 101A, just west of the Oval. Hope to see them doing well, as it's mostly empty when I go in (although I think they do a decent business with deliveries).

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  1. I've checked out every pizza joint from Nashua to Peterborough, and most in Merrimack too. I typically get a cheese pizza and an italian sub, to see how they do with the classics. My personal preference is "House of Pizza" type pizza - those who dare to bake in a little herby flavor and yeasty crust.

    I found the pizza to be bland, but that's typical 'round these parts. Italian sub was very good though ... one of the best locally.

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      I can see your point about the plain cheese being a bit bland, but I'm usually eating with a preschooler who's in a bland sort of phase at the moment. On my own, I'd go for more adventurous toppings. That being said, the plain fits the bill for me and I prefer the pizza as it is on the thin crust rather than thicker--I haven't found a yeastier crust with flavor around here. Any suggestions?

      1. re: Tante

        Nobody's crust stands out to me. Locally I end up going w/Milanos, not because they're awesome, but because they're a shade less blah than the others, in my opinion.

        1. re: cringle22

          I haven't gotten a pizza at Milano's in a while, will have to check it out again. I think one of the things I like about Big A's pizza is the price on those three days. I know MIlford House of Pizza has the same deal, but I really like the thin crust. For $6.99, it's ideal when I don't feel like cooking. Going to have to try their Italian subs too.

      2. re: cringle22

        I am trying to find good pizza in Southern NH area...had Bertucci last night and it was abysmal.