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Jun 1, 2012 05:22 PM

Vegan Tasting Menu?

My GF's friend will be in town to help celebrate her birthday. Usually we would go out for a nice restaurant and maybe a tasting menu somewhere. However, the friend is a strict vegan and I'm having trouble finding a nice restaurant/tasting menu options. Ideally, it would be great if they could cater to a pescatarian (the GF) and an omnivore (me). Wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions?

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  1. I think George offers vegan tasting menus, as well as omnivore tasting menus. If the ved option is vegetarian but not vegan, I'm sure the kitchen would be happy to accommodate the friend's dietary needs.

    1. I have had a vegan tasting menu at both George and Splendido. Woodlot is my go to for veg/omnni mixed dining.

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        Had a great experience at Woodlot where a mixed crowd of eaters all came away happy and especially pleased with the service.

        For the vegan, the chef recommended additions to certain dishes instead of just omitting the dairy elements. The staff were knowledgeable - for example, confirming if she ate honey. The served a vegan desert sampler at the end that was really appreciated for variety.

        Just send them an email with any questions, they'll respond quickly.

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          i am curious about the tasting menu at george. what was served?

          i tried a vegetarian dish at a special lunch one day at splendido (after they reassured us over the phone that they can accommodate) and it was disappointing.. basically, it was sauteed rapini with some mushrooms. my dessert and app were good though (same as on the regular menu), but the special veg main they made for me was not worth the price. i can make that myself at home!