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Jun 1, 2012 04:53 PM

Thursday San Luis Obispo Farmers Mkt

I haven't been in a million years, and was wondering if it was still as good as it was. Are there a lot of farmers, vendors, and bbq places? We are driving up from L.A. and want to make sure it was still worth the drive. TIA
Also, thinking of having dinner one night at Jockos, is it good? TIA

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  1. Farmer's Market is about the same as it has been for the last 20 years. Lots of local produce vendors, fewer BBQ, but enough. Jocko's is the best place for a great rib eye (spencer) steak.
    Plan on arriving early or expect a long wait. Lots of political based booth, etc. Strawberries are everywhere.

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    1. Some interesting newer ethnic and vegan prepared food booths, still the same wandering crowd, perhaps more underage drinkers. Not so many curbsitting chowers.

      The Satuday morning market on Madonna Rd near Cost Plus is much more food-centric, and has several newer prepared food vendors including Neon Carrot (Chef Meagan -- Park Cafe) and Tracy Stewart of Stewart and Clark (late of Fiero Bakery Cafe). There is micro-batch coffee roasting during the market with fresh beans and drip coffee available. Buono Tavola sells their salumi and fresh (frozen) link sausgaes. The little organic cafe from Baywood serves up all sorts of breakfast goodies and soups for take-out.
      There are locally raised meats, cheese from the Central Valley, as well as olive oils and olive products, walnuts from Arroyo Grande valley, greenhouse-grown ripe tomatoes and basil from AG, organically grown pistachios and stone fruits from Coalinga (Kim Bell Farms) Several growers are Certified Organic, many are"no spray" from Santa Maria area. Veggies, meat, cheese, olives, preserves, flowers, etc are far better represented at this market than at the street fair downtown Thursday night. There is also a very good smaller market on Sunday morning at Kennedy Fitness on Tank Farm, just off lower Higuera near Trader Joe's.
      Enjoy your stay, and please report back.

      1. OH! Bruce's comment on the ubiquitous strawberries made me remember to post this--on the way to SLO, DO stop at the "Nojoqui Falls Rd" (look sharp for the sign just after coming down the steep grade on 101) Organic Farm just south of Buellton. This place has a large peace sign on the barn, has been there for many years growing and selling the most gorgeous organically raised produce! Their strawberries are OUT of this world good! Like berries used to taste, or can, if you raise them yourself. (mine aren't that good, though)

        $4 a basket and worth every single penny. You can also pick-yer-own for $3 basket. Other u-pick veggies too. A lovely old farm that is producing Real Food. Deserves a stop more so than the Farmer's Market in SLO warrants. Goats and a Farm Cat who guards the honor cash box. Unfortunately this may be their last season as their landlord is giving them the heave-ho. Please stop and see them while you can.

        Just up the highway about 100 yds is the Blueberry Farm. Their berries are great too. Doesn't get any fresher.

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          That place sounds amazing - naturally I won't be back down that way until July. Dang it.