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Jun 1, 2012 04:19 PM

Anybody doing Paleo?

We are almost two weeks into it. Looking for new recipe's. Especially for a good Paleo bread that taste's more like a dinner bread. Thanks much

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  1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I hope you find one. The difficulty of finding a satisfying one is one reason we just gave up searching for fakes and substitutes. It takes some changing of perspective, but it wasn't too arduous overall, though a few tough times.

        Plus, I think it maintains a psychological dependence on the whole bread/pasta/addictive carbs thing. IMO and YMMV

        Best wishes to you in your journey!

        1. I don't recommend that. The paleo diet book does have a bread recipe that uses almond flour, but that's VERY expensive and also very high calorie. He says in the book that he saves it for special occassions.

          1. I do primal rather than paleo but don't think there is such a thing. Non-grain bread will never taste like real bread. It's not about making things that taste like what we used to eat, but rather about totally changing our way of eating. Instead of a sandwich, wrap the filling in lettuce or another green, or just eat the filling on a plate. I will confess to occasionally eating a slice of homemade bread as a splurge, but otherwise stay away from grains.