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Jun 1, 2012 03:41 PM

Foodie Goes to Rome - Restaurant Tips?

Hi Everyone! I'm FINALLY going back to Rome after having not been there since I studied abroad there 7 years ago. I'm only going to be in Rome 4 nights as I will be spending the rest of the time in Sicily. Since I don't have much time I'd love your opinions on which restaurants I shouldn't miss. Here's my list:

Colline Emiliane
Trattoria Monti
Roscioli (for a snack from the deli.. not a full blown lunch)
Cul de Sac
Pizzarium (pizza a taglio as a snack to share, not a full lunch)
Roma Sparita (even if we just stop in for a glass of wine and share the cacio e pepe and an antipasti)

Checchino dal 1887
Dal Bolognese
Trattoria a casa di rita??? (thoughts?)
antico arco

Let me know if you would switch any for lunch or dinner and if there are any missing. When I traveled to Paris I hit a few michelin star restaurants, but in Rome I feel like it's not about the fancy, chef inspired prix fixe menus.. Thanks!!

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  1. Quickly commenting on your list, I'd take Macheroni off (just not that good anymore).

    Dinner: I've never heard of Casa di Rita. Dal Bolognese isn't bad, per se, but very touristy and not at all worth the price.

    Yes, you're missing quite a few newer places that have opened. Have you gone through recent threads here?

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      Thanks! This is helpful. Casa di Rita was on an Anthony Bourdain Rome episode.. that's all.. and Tripadvisor had some great feedback by only Italians. I decided to skip Dal Bolognese. What about Antico Arco? Not worth going? I'll search the archives for some new restaurants that opened.

      1. re: jessicablock

        We loved Antico Arco when we were there a few days ago. I, at least, would highly recommend it.

        1. re: jerkstore

          Thanks!! They recently opened for lunch.. Would you recommend it for dinner or lunch?

          1. re: jessicablock

            Well, I have only been for dinner (we are just tourists in the midst of a two week tour) so perhaps I am not the best person to answer. That said, if the menu is the same or similar, I would go at night and then take a walk along Passeggiata del Gianicolo - there are a number of places along there with amazing night views of the city. We really enjoyed it, at least.

            1. re: jerkstore

              Thank for the tip. If anyone else has recommendations on restaurants I'd love to hear. thanks!