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Jun 1, 2012 02:46 PM

Help! Dinner for 8 near South Loop TONIGHT

Hi All!

Ive suddenly been tasked with finding a reservation for 8 people....tonight. We're here on a work trip from NY and, well, my boss doesnt plan well. We're staying in the south loop, but are okay with cabs, as long as it's not too far. Unfortunately, the restaurants I know and would like to hit (girl and a goat, purple pig, publican, mercat, etc) arent options for a group this size on this short notice..

So I turn to you! Please help? SUggestions nearby that are GOOD and we have a chance of getting into. As it's a work trip, price point isnt as important....


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    1. Acadia is in the South Loop and has good food. Expensive but you said that price isn't the issue.

      1. Where did you wind up? I would have suggested Sable, but I think I'm too late.

        1. Not sure how far south you want to go but Everest is a good choice, though really pricey.

          1. Hey All! Thanks for feedback! We ended up lucking out with reservations at Tavernita, but all the other suggestions have now gone on my short list for next time!