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Jun 1, 2012 02:41 PM

Arriving in Florence, dinner near Ponte Vecchio

We will be arriving in Florence around noon and I'm looking for suggestions a good, medium-priced restaurant near the bridge, which is the area we'll be staying. Outdoor seating would be great if possible (we'll be there in the middle of July).

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  1. Quattro Leone, in Piazza della Passera is about a 4 minute walk from the bridge and in one of Florence's prettiest piazza. I actually like Santo Bevitore better, which is down the street, but it doesn't have outdoor seating.

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      Thanks Elizabeth! I have your apps downloaded and will be using them as a guide for both Florence and Rome. However, knowing we'd be pretty tired that first night, I wanted a place that I didn't need to search for so I really appreciate your suggestions.

    2. on the "other" side of the bridge-- across from downtown, just to the left is the "golden view" not outdoors, but with windows on the arno river.... full meals or pizza. Evenings has Jazz. or the small wine bar, with tables outside, Volpe e L'uva salami's cheeses and sandwiches or crostoni... with wines by the glass.

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        Great, thanks! I'll check it out.