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Jun 1, 2012 02:38 PM

Métropolitain, 4th

A big shout out to Parnessian for recommending this place. A wonderful restaurant experience.

On a Friday night, there were NO tourists among the diners, except for us! All French folks. The quirky decorations of the small space are to remind one of the Metro (subway system) in Paris. Clever white tiles on one wall, posters embedded in the tile work like the station names, and Metro ticket facsimiles and memorabilia adorn the small space.

A limited menu, the artichoke tart for an entree does not do justice to it, it is much more than that, a myriad of flavors and textures. Artistic presentation. Plats were a dorade fillet and a piece of beefsteak that was indescribably tender and flavorful, done perfectly "saignant".

Excellent and reasonable wine list, and service friendly and timed just right. Even got into some conversations with both the couples on our left and our right. One helped with menu translation as well.

A really nice experience, I understand that this burgeoning chef has won many contests on French TV cooking shows. (I guess they have those, too!)

Highly recommended, make sure to make a reservation in advance. They use the booking service, if you prefer the web to calling.

Metropolitain, Rue de Jouy, 4th.

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  1. And a shout back at you. I'm delighted that you share my delight in Métropolitain. I'd just like to undeline what an awesome value it is too. There are some pricey items on the à la carte menu (and even these are good value considering the quality) but, if you stick to the daily specials, a 3-course dinner + wine is around 30 to 35€ a head. Wheeeee! And the lunch formule is just 17 €. Such "valeur sûre" makes the excellent cuisine taste even better, no?

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      Parnassien, how does Métropolitain compare with Pramil in your judgment?

      1. re: mangeur

        Admittedly I've never strayed from the prix-fixe specials (the fate for us locals) at Pramil so I haven't really explored the much more expensive menu for the depth and consistency of Pramil's cooking. It's certainly a comfortable if somewhat bland place and has a fabulous good-value formule. But I much prefer the vibe and the food at Métropolitain. And the wine mark-ups at Pramil irk penny-pinching moi. Without the prix fixe and with a good wine, the tab at Pramil suddenly zooms from 30€ to around 100€. Ouch.

        Somehow Métropolitain makes me think of Le Bouchon et l'Assiette in the Malesherbes quartier in the 17th and Lilane off the place Monge in the 5th. All 3 have similar clienteles, witty eavesdropped conversations, smiling service, delicious and creative food that doesn't make my taste buds wonder "wtf is this?!", and superb value.

    2. We were in Paris in May and Metropolitain was probably our favorite meal. We had guacamole and chorizo starter and I had crab soup and cod with fingerling potatoes in a lemony sauce. One son and husband had grilled calamari . The server was very friendly and the vibe of the restaurant was great. Also, loved being able to reserve online at

      1. Following up on your link. This certainly is someplace we'll try, and I like that I can book online although I often call as my French isn't too bad. Thanks again.

        1. It's very tough for me to go up against someone as savvy as Parnassian but I did not fare well at Metropolitan and thought Pramil was "average" which goes up against everyone on this site. But what good is being an old curmudgeonly grouch if you can't take on the world?