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Jun 1, 2012 01:59 PM

If I had a whole pig head, this is what I would do with it,______

We are picking up meat from our CSA in the morning and I noted that they had pig heads on offer. All I can think of is to send my wife to visit her family; roast the whole thing and go cave man on it.

Brains and eggs are a no go for me.

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    1. re: dave_c

      or fromage du tete, which just sounds nicer, even if it's the same thing...!!!

      1. re: sunshine842

        Testa in Italiano and brawn in England. Anyway you say it, it's all delicious!

        1. re: ttoommyy

          I agree -- but have to confess that "head cheese" sounds like something you need a doctor to fix.

    2. Roasted whole over a hardwood fire. I would not recommend deepfrying it as the moisture in the skull may cause an explosion.

      Put a metal pan underneath the rack to keep the drippings out of the fire.

      If the pig was killed by electro shock, you will have a nice intact skullo appropriate for the next Lord of the Flies parade.

      1. Oh boy you don't even want to know how excited I would be to get a pig head.

        I would probably just straight roast it, nice and slow. Going caveman on it is how I would probably do it the first time since I've never done it before. I like the hardwood fire idea above. You could also pull the cheek meat and eat it in some tortillas with whatever condiments you like.

        1. I'd braise the ears until tender cut into strips and then fry them up until crispy, remove the jowls and cure/dry them, and then headcheese whatever's left.

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          1. re: fledflew

            Did not even consider the jowls, I was really imagining the pig head in relation to how I would remove a deer's head. That's a whole other deal if it has a good bit of the neck included. I will have to inspect and price them before I commit.