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Jun 1, 2012 01:41 PM

Off the Hook- Stratford, CT

HAD to stop when we saw the Happy Hour special (amusingly, from 3:05-7:16, according to the sign) of $1 oysters. Even though we got there around 7:45, they gave us the Happy Hour price without us asking for it. We each had a dozen excellent oysters. Cocktail sauce could have had a bit more horseradish, a minor quibble. Tabasco was offered, we brought our own saltines (I guess it must be a Southern thing, because it is very rare for a restaurant in New England to provide them with oysters, so we usually keep them in the car). We also ordered fried calamari($9), which was ok, but unremarkable. DH had a Heineken (at $4, he tells me a good price).

The menu is short- pizzas (which looks worth trying- whole clams on the clams casino pie), calzones, salads, a few seafood and hot sandwich offerings, and a few deli sandwiches. I will try the blackened sea scallops next time. They have a full liquor license.

Service was friendly and earnest, but maybe a little inexperienced- we had to ask for silver and salt. Decor inside is much nicer than the outside had me expecting.

With $1 oysters, they can count on us to be weekly- at least - visitors. I wish them luck.

Bring bug spray if you want to sit outside! Hopefully they will get some citronella tiki torches to ward off the biting bugs a bit.

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  1. Where is it located exactly? $1 oysters has my interest piqued!

    Cool name too - Guy Fieri own it?!

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    1. re: fcmenutalk

      It is the round building on Ferry Blvd, at the corner where you would turn for Outriggers, across the street from the little strip mall, very near Uberti's.

      1. re: JenJeninCT

        I don't suppose they roast any oysters, do they?

        1. re: stormshadow

          Not that I'm aware of, but we went specifically for raw, so...

          I can't find a listing for them on Google or yelp yet

    2. I've driven by the place at least twice a week at dinner time, during weekdays too, and have only seen a handful of cars in the parking lot. We'll have to stop by and check out the pizza (indoors I'm thinking).

      Do you know if the pizza is *cough* of the usual style(s) argued around here quite often?

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      1. re: LorenV

        I only saw the clam pie- it looked like Vazzy's- with whole clams in the shell

        1. re: JenJeninCT

          Well, we stopped in for dinner tonight, and I have to say that I was disappointed. Pay careful attention to the name - "bar and grill." This is a bar, with food. The dining tables have all been replaced with bar tables and high stools. The place was overrun with local barflys. Non-stop reggae music blared out over the speakers, and stiff breezes blew in through the open windows. When we asked if someone could lower the window a bit, we were told, "No, it gets too warm in here then" (despite the presence of ceiling fans and window air conditioners). We ordered a clam pie (OK, but nothing to write home about), blackened scallops (WAY too spicy - they tasted as if they had been marinating in black pepper for weeks), two Reubens (one pastrami and one corned beef - both OK with uber-greasy fries) and the fried calimari (so-so). Our party drank only soda and waters. Anyway, the bill was close to $80. I think I'll pass hereafter...

          1. re: GatorMan


            I dig Vazzy's pizza once in a while (kids love it and we can walk there) but their $$$ are crazy I've noticed of late (well, my wife has). We had 2 pies from Papa's in Milford (FG, BTW) that were equally as good and WAY cheaper. Kids LOVED Papa's too. Bonus.

            FYI, Juliano's is our usual (and still is) go to in town. I owe my loyalty to the man who used to spin KILLER pizza at Salerno's. He still does in my eyes (and stomach).

            1. re: LorenV

              Loren, FG? No luck on acronym finder--Field Goal, Family Guy, Fat Grin?? LOL (NOFM, "new one for me")

              1. re: cheereeo

                I don't know about Loren, but the apizza at Papa's is friggin good

                    1. re: LorenV

                      A very reliable source informed me that they get the pizzas from Sally's...FWIW

                      1. re: JenJeninCT

                        A Testo is one of the (co)owners?


                        Related to the Bridgeport Testo's? FG food there (in our experience).

                1. re: LorenV

                  Papa`s is definitely the best pizza outside of New Haven.

          2. We are loving this place! The atmosphere is comfortable and fun. Definitely need more outdoor seating. The pizza is awesome, the lobster roll was excellent and the blackened scallops were perfectly spicy for my taste! The food was so fresh and the clams casino pizza was amazing! Loved the wine, even though it was a glass, it was enough to be a bottle! I agree with you we definitely will be back.

            1. I love this place! I think the pizzas are the best in the area. The clams casino pie is to die for! The margerita plizza was also great. My husband has tried the burger on their housemade bread and the lobster roll, both were great. And the prices can't be beat! Less than $15 for a lobster roll?!? Cheaper than Marnicks and much better!

              They are new and still getting the hang of things, but the staff was very friendly and accomodating. They said they will be adding more to the menu as time goes on.

              I think the atmosphere is fun and very lively. We will definetly be regulars and be using them for carryout pizza.

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              1. re: laurajose629

                You are still talking about the original post, right? It seems like everyone else drifted off to there favorite pizza place! I am looking for a great lobster roll. How was it served, and with what? Thanks.

              2. I have eaten there 4 or 5 times since opening, and all of the food I`ve had has been very very good. But I do have a huge problem with the service. At least 3 of the orders I placed came not the way I ordered. Twice they added tomato to my sandwich even though I specifically requested no tomato. Not a huge deal...but the last time I went I oredered the fish sandwich MINUS the wasabi mayo. And what do ya came with the wasabi. The waitress offered to take it back, but I was eating with someone and didn`t want to wait, so I scraped off what I could. Well, anyone having wasabi would probably know that wouldn`t do too much good. Basically, the sandwich was ruined and certainly will send it back next time. This place needs to pay more attention to detail or they will absolutely lose my business. Time to hire competent staff instead of just pretty faces.