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Jun 1, 2012 01:38 PM

Stolovaya on Ave U?

My Russian piano tuner recommended Stolovaya to me yesterday as an inexpensive but good "homecooked tasting" Russian restaurant to try... I haven't gone yet. Anybody been?

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  1. I hope you speak Russian because the menu is not in English.

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      No, I don't speak Russian... How's the food though? I'll figure out some sign language if I'm hungry enough...

      1. re: rschwim

        Don't know about the food. Looked up the menu online. However, I know that Cafe Glechik in Sheepshead Bay (3159 Coney Island Avenue) is terrific, especially the Pelmeni and Vareniki if you're jonesing for some Russian food. Here's the link. You can download their menu (and yes, it's translated).

    2. Hi,

      I actually went there yesterday for lunch. First off, I would just like to say that they do have English menus, you just have to ask since they will probably hand you a Russian menu. Unlike some restaurants I have been to, the English menu and Russian menu are absolutely identical - nothing is left off, etc. I can vouch for this because my SO had the Russian menu and I had the English (after they caught on that my SO was translating the menu to me, they switched my menu).

      I am not Russian, but my SO is (born there and spent childhood there, came to the U.S. a few years after the Soviet Union fell) and he absolutely loved the olivye (olivier) salad, the best he's had outside of home! He usually hates ordering it at restaurants because they never make it the way he likes it (the "right" way to make olivye seems to vary from family to family). The Siberian pelmeni was also very good, full of beef with tender skins. We also had borsch and okroshka (made with kefir, not kvass). The borsch was good, but meatless, which was noted on the menu - some like it with meat, some without - and the okroshka was nice and light and refreshing, and full of fresh dill.

      Prices were cheap, service was fine. We will definitely go again if we're around the area - it's a bit of a hike from where we live, but sometimes we go to Sheepshead Bay when we need Russian things.

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        Will try this sounds good. I admit I had to look up the meaning of SO .... :)