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Jun 1, 2012 01:19 PM

Taco Truck needed for party

I'm looking for a few good taco truck recommendations that would help cater an upcoming party. I've seen similar posts from 2007 & 2008, but I would assume there are more to choose from given the recent explosion in food trucks. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Do you want one of the new-style food trucks or a taco truck? They are not the same thing! Also, it depends on what area you're in, how many people, how much you have to spend. Taco trucks will usually require a minimum charge, whether you're paying or having a "no host" event.

    Here are some more recent discussions:

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      I'm completely open to any style and have plenty of time to sample :). We are banking on 50-60 guests. The party will be in SJ.

    2. I recently attended a social gathering in Palo Alto where El Tonayense was hired. Excellent tacos. As Ruth said, there is a minimum...may have been 100 people ($700??).

      1. Driving south on 101 through San Jose yesterday, I was behind a brightly painted Los Altos taco truck that had its twitter handle, a 650-phone number on the back and that it's available for parties. Here's the twitter page,!/LosAltosT_Truck and you might catch up with it at one of its South Bay stops to check out the food. Please report back when you do!

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