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Jun 1, 2012 10:43 AM

Cleaning glass cooktop

Any ideas/products to do a good job of cleaning my glass cooktop. I have tried Weiman's and there are still places I can't get off even with constant rubbing and scrubbing.

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  1. "I have tried Weiman's and there are still places I can't get off even with constant rubbing and scrubbing."

    Can you clarify this statement? What can't you get off? If it is burnt on food, read your manual as to what the manufacturer suggests. I use a razor blade after the spillover has completely cooled. If it is a scratch, it may not come out at all. For just routine cleanup after cooking with no spills, I use Weiman with great results.

    1. I simply use the supermarket brand. It has worked for 12 years. Did you inherit this cooktop with this stain? Or do you know what the stain is? Occasionally, I have smeared the burner with the cleaner and turned the burner on underneath for a second or two, and turned it off. I left it for a few minutes and then came back and cleaned it.

      If you know what this stain is, you might tell us. If it is melted plastic, you might have a worse problem than if it is simply burned.

      1. If Weiman's doesn't work, use a razor blade to scrape off the residue carefully, and then try Weiman's again using the green side of a yellow and green scrubbing sponge. I have had mine for nine years, and I cook messy food a lot, and this works for me.

        1. We use the Scotch Brite Cook Top Cleaner.

          It does a good job, but if you've got significantly adhered stains or crud then I wouldn't expect to get everything off the first go-around. The way I did it was to use the cleaner once a weekend for several weeks. Then, when the stuck crud & stains were relatively small, I gently used a razor blade to shave it very close to the glass. After that, one more cleaning with the pads & it was all gone.

          You can turn the pads over to use the clean side, extending their life. It also helps to add a few drops of water as you work because the solution on the pads dries out as you use it. And if we only use one side of a pad we store it in a ziplock bag until we need to use it again.

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            Burned on caramelized sour orange marinade.was our nemisis and took the 1980's cool factor out of play to the point we spent more time cleaning our glass cooktop surface than we spent on all other kitchen surfaces combined. We did a final cleaning, donated it to a local non-profit residence and.have completely moved on.

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              [is this for me, or for the OP?]

              Yes, we got our glass-top stove second-hand, so all of the burnt-on crud was pre-attached for our convenience! I don't know how many years it had been there (the stove was 8 yrs old when we got it), but there was no way I was going to work on cleaning this thing continuously until it was done.

              Doing the work for about 15 minutes at a time on separate weekends made it manageable. A quick spray & wipe-down with undilluted white vinegar after cooking keeps it clean. No further crud has built up, & it's been at least 6 mos since I last used one of the cleaning pads.

          2. I found this stuff by Carbona at Walmart that works great. It almost looks like car wax, but I find it works better than Weiman's or the Scotch pads.

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                Glad you liked it. I tried almost every liquid cleaner & they weren't that good on stubborn stains. I spotted the Carbona in Walmart & figured what the heck. I'll never use anything else again.