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Jun 1, 2012 10:35 AM

Need recommendation for place near Kennedy Airport

We will be picking up our kids with 3 1/2 year old granddaugther at 6pm this sat. Would love a recommendation for a decent, if not really good, place to eat near the JFK to wait out the worst of the rush hour traffic back to Manhattan.

Ann Morris

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  1. on a sat you won't have rush hour coming back, if you want you could go to dinner in Kew Gardens or Forest Hills, if you're headed back to the city. There are lots of choices there, depends what you're looking for. There's nothing really toddler friendly that I can think of adjacent to Kennedy Airport--

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    1. On Woodhaven Blvd. you will find La Nora (white cloth), Park Pizza,. Don Peppes in Ozone Park (family Italian)

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          I know who whe owner is...I previously worked with him...I have to give him a call

      1. Not much rush hour at 6pm on Sat. and it would be reverse commute during the week.

        Anyway, I'd rec New Park Pizza in Howard Beach. Very easy with kids and a good, if not great classic NYC style pizza. Oh I see you've already landed. I hope you find something.

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          Thanks to everyone who responded. It turned out that traffic was no bad, as had been noted, and we made it back to the village in under an hour. Will keep the references for futures.


        2. Don Peppe's on Lefferts Blvd. 5 minutes from JFK, one exit on the highway. It's family style Italian food, that means huge portions. Best baked clams in the city ( that includes Manhattan), best linguini in clam sauce and more. That's the choice, look no further.