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Jun 1, 2012 10:05 AM

Did you know it was National Doughnut Day?

I didn't, darn it. I would have had a donut for breakfast. Did anyone go out for one of the free donuts being offered today? Any favorite donut shops where you live?

I'm not a fan of the chains in general, prefer the old fashioned mom & pop independent donut shop!

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  1. Went to the local Amish market and treated myself to a warm glazed doughnut. Brought home 2 Boston cream, and a vanilla cream filled for the boys. Don't eat them very often, but so very good when they're fresh and warm

    1. Jewel Foods (supermarket chain in Chicago) advertised bite-size raspberry jelly doughnuts. I have never even heard of bite-size jelly doughnuts but suddenly they sounded like a very good idea. Alas, they never came in. I tried two stores and, nada. Has April Fool's Day been moved to June?

      1. Only one day? Maybe it could be moved to Monday so it could be a 3-day weekend. ;-) As for chain donuts. A small local donut store here in Roseville, CA beats Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' Donuts hands down.

        1. i know dunkin donuts was offering a free donut when you bought a coffee today... but im not a huge fan of their coffee OR their donuts... so not super helpful info haha

          1. Our local Dunkin Donuts was forced to put up a sign excluding minors from the free donuts. It seems that the High School let out at 11 am because of the senior prom Friday Night and almost 800 students headed for DD to get free donuts.