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Jun 1, 2012 09:26 AM

Convention center recs

I need to find some restaurants near the convention center for 8 - 10 people on multiple nights.
Here is my short list
Moira Sushi
Blue Hound Kitchen

Other suggestions within walking distance that aren't too expensive? Thanks.

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  1. Moira is a place I'd normally consider within walking distance, but maybe not at this time of year. If it's 110 degrees and your companions aren't acclimated to the heat, they may not want to walk the half mile or so up to Moira.

    I'm not sure Blue Hound is open quite yet, but maybe it will be by the time your convention occurs.

    Staying within a radius of three or four blocks, I'd suggest the following:

    Arrogant Butcher

    District Kitchen

    Nobuo at Teeter House

    Pizzeria Bianco


    1. I like Hanny's and they have long tables.
      The Arrogant Butcher has private rooms for large parties.
      District is another possibility.
      I work in the building where Province is located and we haven't been impressed.

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      1. re: kittyfood

        Some of the reasons have already been stated above, but I'll chime in here -
        I would pass on the following:
        Moira - distance and they aren't really set up very well to handle 10 diners
        Province - not impressed
        Nobuo - service is sometimes horrible and I'm trying to imagine where 10 people would fit comfortably together in there
        Pizzeria Bianco - long wait (although I hear it's gotten better)

        Arrogant, District, Kinkaids, and Hannys are decent and should be able to accomodate you no problem. Coach and Willies a couple blocks south of the convention center is also an option.

        1. re: fledflew

          Nobuo has a back room that seems well suited to groups. I've had nothing but good service there, but you're definitely not the only person I've heard say otherwise.

          With Bianco, I was thinking the OP's group would be the right size for a table reservation.

          1. re: exit2lef

            The OP asked for not too expensive. I realize I'm probably in a lower tax bracket than some people here, but I think Nobuo is quite pricey, particularly given the small portion sizes and very good but not mind-blowing food. The ambiance is also more appropriate for an intimate gathering than a crowd, I think. The service has been polite and attentive when I've been there recently, though a little stiff.

            I just don't see how you could go wrong with a second-to-none pizza place like Bianco? Great food, good buzz, everyone will have a fun time. Then you might want to contrast that with something Asian on another night. Decent Thai choices seem never to be too far away, though I'm not sure what's best close to the Convention Center.

            But look, if there are 8-10 of you, you might think about splitting on a couple of taxis and heading to Old Town Scottsdale for an evening. It's a lot of fun for visitors just to walk around there, and the restaurant choices are vast.

            Best wishes, and enjoy your stay.

      2. By the way, I note that you asked a similar question in July, 2010. ( Did any of the places you tried then work out for you? Thanks.