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Jun 1, 2012 09:07 AM

ISO - Good Eats! Wilmington and surrounding area

Hello all!

I did some Chowhound searches but came up pretty empty handed for anything terribly recent regarding great food spots in the Wilmington area.

My husband and I will be visiting for approx. a week in late June. We are seeking locally owned eateries for several meals that week. We enjoy creative ingredients and pairings, locally produced items and small menus that focus on the season, when possible.

I'd like 1-2 "nice" evenings - the kind of evening where (at least in other cities) you might spend 150+ on dinner, wine, etc.

In addition, any great lunch spots for sandwiches, tacos, etc. I love a good brunch, too. I am not really interested in ethnic - we can get that back home.

If anyone has suggestions, i'd appreciate some updated ideas to choose from.

(PS - The Kitchen and Circa has previously been recommended to me - are these worth a stop?)

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  1. Actually, I think there are several pertinent Wilmington threads with good information for you. In any event, some places I recommend are Crow Hill, Caprice Bistro, Circa 1922, Phun, Catch and PortLand Grill in Wilmington; 22 North in Wrightsville Beach; and Ports of Call and Provision Company in Southport.

    1. Marc's on Market
      South beach grille

      1. Having just been in Wilmington a couple weeks ago, I can endorse Circa 1922. Had a selection of their tapas (which were discounted at the bar), along with one of their small desserts (photos attached ... sorry they aren't better, just took my little point n shoot camera with me). Delicious, beautifully prepared and excellent service.

        1. For 'nice' go to Manna on Princess Street downtown-you will not be disappointed!

          1. I second Circa and Marc's, and would add Deluxe and Brasserie du Soleil for both dinner and lunch/brunch (I believe Deluxe only does brunch). Dixie is also fun for brunch on the casual side, Causeway Cafe for breakfast (upgraded greasy spoon) and the cupcake shop is worth a stop (I can't remember the name. Maybe Coastal Cupcake?)