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Jun 1, 2012 08:51 AM

Nespresso in SOHO has excellent espresso and macchiato.

Of course it would take the Swiss to come up with the best, or one of the best processes of making espresso, and to see the results one is advised to head to 92 Prince Street, corner of Mercer.

I have missed this on Prince, but a recent ambulation up Mercer, it caught my eye.

A Nestle affiliated retail and cafe, Nespresso has perfected the experience of espresso consumption.

First off the vase or hollow utensil used to serve the macchiato atNespresso is made of transparent glass, thus allowing the full visual esthetics of the drink their due presence.

Second, the grading of the degrees of strength or taste are enough to offer a variety for varying likes, and are made up of roasts, many mixed, from East Africa to India and South America.

Nice comfortable atmosphere and friendly professional staff.

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  1. I have been a Nespresso fan for years. I go to their cafe on Madison Ave in the 60's and get to sample all the newest offerings for free before I buy a few sleeves of pods. My latest favorite is the Indrya espresso, intensity 10!! Gets my heart pumping in the morning.
    The next time I am in SOHO i'll check out that cafe.

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    1. re: Motosport

      I had two double macchiatos when I went. One was Indrya, and was amazingly good.

      The first cup I ordered I did not know of the gradation, and while drinking the first cup, the gentleman at the door post gave me an introduction and showed me the well formatted pages in the menu regarding this. My first cup I had ordered strong and was told which one, after and its intensity was a 8.

      1. re: jonkyo

        For a short time, Nespresso had a capsule called Kazar/Cazaar(?) with an intensity of 12. It was great - maybe it will reappear one day! As for the glass espresso cup at the café, you might like the Bodum cups that are double-layered (insulated) clear glass. Besides allowing you to hold your cup around the bowl (should you wish to), its primary advantage is that it really keeps the liquid hot, so you can leisurely enjoy your coffee. You can find Bodum at Zabar's or Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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      1. Just don't try to get anything to go.