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Jun 1, 2012 07:30 AM

Bucksport to Ellsworth

Need any and all recommendations for this part of Maine. Thanks!

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  1. Not much between the two on Route 1, but it's only 20 miles so if you can hold out to Ellsworth the choices are plentiful. Or for an adventure dip down into Blue Hill. (Just walk through downtown, one end to other, lobster to organic fare) The Blue Hill Peninsula is rich with farms and despite being lightly populated has a number of places to eat. You could easily spend a half day looping through Brooksville, Brooklin, and Blue Hill. Off the top of my head: El El Frijoles in Brooksville (CalMex, take out with seating outside), The Cave in Brooklin (a great specialty foods store/deli/cafe), Tinder Hearth, W. Brooksville (To-die-for breads and, a couple of eves a week, pizza), Perry Long's Lobster Dock, Surry Neck (no-frills lobster shack on a pier, don't miss the ice cream sandwiches).

    1. In Ellsworth there is a great little pizza place on Route 3 Finellis (New York style, which you don't find in Maine); also downtown Ellsworth, Cleonice which is surprisingly good, not too expensive, friendly, Mediterranean fare (hear they are planning on moving though); Route 1 in Hancock, just a short drive from Ellsworth is Ruth and Wimpy's, very friendly service, exc lobster rolls and chowder, huge plastic lobster just outside the front door, kind of a slightly upscale diner-type atmosphere. There is a great little deli and general store in Orland, between Bucksport and Ellsworth - the Orland Market, on right hand side on Route 175 by the most picturesque church and bridge (and antique store) - but take out only - great sandwiches, pizza, grinders, specials like chicken parm, etc. and ribs; of course if you continue through Ellsworth, you will get to Trenton just before the road to Bar Harbor, and there is the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound (the only one in the area we'll go to, outside of Thurston's which is a haul up the road) - very fresh and always a crowd in the summer.

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        I second the reccos for Cleonice and Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound.

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          Ruth and Wimpy's is okay but if you are driving out that way, I'd recommend Tracey's in Sullivan instead. Just a roadside stand, but excellent and very reasonably priced lobster rolls. Having tried both R&W's and Tracey's lobster rolls, the latter are better.

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            Also, although that store in Orland is quirky, I was underwhelmed by it. I do like Cleonice and they have great lemonade.

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            Enjoy, I miss the area every time I leave...

          2. I ate lunch at Cleonice about 10 days ago with my parents, who had eaten there several times. I liked the location and decor, and the food was quite good, but the kitchen was very slow and our server needed some serious polishing. She made some condescending jokes to my 75 year old father and was inattentive even though waitstaff outnumbered occupied tables. Furthermore, as my father recently had a hip replacement he suggested to the host that he would be more comfortable sitting at the (empty) bar, where the stools are higher and more comfortable for him. We were seated at a table literally 2 feet from the ladies room door in a nearly empty restaurant.

            We ordered marinated white anchovies as an appetizer to share, my mother ordered a salad and my dad and I both ordered sandwiches. Our appetizer took over a half hour, and our sandwiches were pushing an hour by the time we got them. We were one of four tables at the time. A table of two was seated some minutes after us and they ordered appetizers and burgers. They got their burgers before we even got our appetizers, and they cancelled their appetizer order because their mains came first.

            The food was good, but I will go elsewhere next time I eat in Ellsworth.

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              That sounds really disappointing. Did you ask to speak to a manager at any point, or let them know you were unhappy with your seating or your wait? I was there when it was fairly busy, maybe they don't have enough staff during slower times?

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                I did not ask to speak to a manager, but was told that the host was busy when I was concerned about our seating. Frankly, I couldn't wait to get out of the restaurant after spending an hour to have a sandwich and dealing with a server who was insensitive, inattentive and glib. The number of staff was more than adequate- there were only 4-5 tables and at least 10 staff on the floor (if you include the 3-4 people behind the empty bar).

                As the municipal parking lot is behind the restaurant, I even had the opportunity to chat with one of the cooks on our way in to the restaurant as he enjoyed a cigarette and a red bull. He did't have any specific recommendations but just said that "everything is good"

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                  Well, I hope they read their reviews and mentions, then.