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The Feasting Room - 6 month pop-up restaurant featuring diff whole beast each week

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Read this on BlogTO this morning:

The Feasting Room is now open at 580 College Street. The 6-month "pop-up" takes over the Orbit Room and will feature 6-course nose-to-tail tasting menus focusing on a different beast each week.

Link :

If anyone goes please post your experiences. Or if you know more details about who is involved, etc.

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  1. Looks interesting. I don't see any pricing posted.

    How many more nose-to-tail concepts does Toronto need to stop calling this unique?

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    1. re: dlw88

      The pricing is on their website.

      1. re: estufarian

        I can't see it - how much? I can see it's reduced to $70 if you work in the hospitality industry but not the full price.

        1. re: gembellina

          Yeah, I don't see it on their website either except for the reduced rate you mentioned.

          However, on this site it mentions it is $100 with wine pairing or $65 without:

            1. re: estufarian

              But isn't it weird that the price for the food only appears in the PDF wine list? This assumes that people will search the wine list -- and if you don't drink? Just wonderin'

    2. "Beast" to me implies something more exotic than pigs, cows and chickens..

      Also I wish they would at least give a sample menu... Are they going all out and serving eyes, nose, balls and bung or will it be safe like cheeks, liver, tail...

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        This article gives a few more details: http://www.postcity.com/Eat-Shop-Do/E...

        Sounds pretty safe, but honestly nose-to-tail stopped being really unique years ago. All that matters though is that its done well. I plan on giving this a try when I am in TO next month.

      2. We were there last weekend. Food was okay, wine pairing was excellent but the venue was the most strange. They have a big women's washroom with several stalls but the men's bathroom is a little more than a closet with a toilet. On the floor is piles of clothes where the staff have changed into their kitchen uniforms. Very unprofessional. They would be better off just having the one big washroom and closing off the closet.

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          My wife and I went for the pig menu last week and the food was phenomenal, capped off by one of the best desserts I have ever tasted. It was a Cannoli filled with red bean paste and candied bacon, with bacon toffee. We enjoyed the meal so much we came back this week for the lamb menu. We were served Testicles, heart and lung amongst other cuts, our fav dish was lamb shank and bone marrow stuffed inside a shank bone and served with pommes dauphine poutine. The Sheeps milk curds were a nice touch.

          The concept is very interesting and every week is a brand new experience. The table next to us had a customer with a gluten allergy and she seemed extremely happy with what the kitchen was able to make for her at the last minute.

          As far as the washrooms go, you obviously used the staff washroom because the washroom I used had a urinal. They also had soap made out of pig fat.

        2. I had the lamb menu last Sunday. Started off with lamb's heart jerky (hoi sin and soy sauce) - ok; breaded fried testicles wtih aioli - not overcooked, went well with the aioli; lamb shank, I think it was braised, sliced with a salad of arugula, capers, green sauce of assorted green herbs with anchovies - tasty, I told them they should have deep fried the capers for extra texture; liver, fava beans, duck fat with grilled bread and cornichons - more liver, less beans but I suppose they were trying to be seasonal and cheeky with the Hannibal reference, yes, served with a Chianti; lung, ground lamb meatball with dessicated and braised kale - good balance of lung; cow marrow with lamb and potato/patachou croquettes - ok, anticipated marrow upon seeing a marrow bone but alas not much marrow, meat was a bit dry, not so tasty, but croquettes were good; kidney "tagine" with three sauces - eggplant with cumin, tzatziki, and aioli; sheep's milk creme brulee with lavender jellies.
          Food was $65, $35 for wine pairing. Just be warned, we were a party of 5, they added an 18% tip on top of tax. Added a couple of photos - liver, lung meatball.

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          1. re: vivo

            Also tried the lamb menu - and were impressed enough to reserve for the upcoming rabbit menu (which starts tonight and goes through to next Monday).
            A couple of comments. The menu 'may' change daily - clearly with 4 relatively large legs and two relatively small testicles, (and 1 brain) the quantities of different cuts vary significantly. I had been hoping for lamb sweetbreads (relatively uncommon in Toronto) but it transpired that the sweetbreads had been consumed on a different night. Never thought about lamb's heart (another favourite - which I didn't get). Instead, our first course was lamb belly (lightly breaded and deep fried - totally non-greasy) served with a vinegar and mint sauce - their play on the lassic lamb accompaniment..
            Had a similar salad - but included croutons, soaked in olive oil. I also missed a crunch in that dish - the croutons were the same texture as the lamb leg (shank?). So totally agree with texture comment.
            A similar lamb liver pate with fava beans puree (and the requisite chianti).
            Then we had the testicle dish (so they switched the order) - and seem to have changed it a bit. Ours included a pea puree, carrot, fiddleheads and some lamb bacon.
            The lung was 'off' the night we went.
            Our marrow dish was 'pulled lamb' and indeed the marrow was only just there. It came (for us) as small granules - rather than having been beaten into a smooth sauce, which is how I last had it (elsewhere - I preferred the granules). Same patachou potatoes - nice technique.
            Realy enjoyed the kidney tagine (with apricot and chickpea) - perfectly cooked (served on Israeli couscous). Dips were also good - my favourite was the aioli.

            For the future, not sure if it's better to go early in the hope of getting more variety - or wait until the end and get everything that's still left. But did put in a special request to get the rabbit brains next time.

            Overall it was a fun evening - the staff are super-helpful and are clearly committed to this
            (ad)venture. Cooking was solid, without being exceptional. I loved the approach and felt it was well worth the cost. Wine pairings were interesting - but at a $35 price point that's probably the most one can expect.
            Is this a gimmick? Or more serious, over the long term? Not sure - but bottom line is I really enjoyed it and will be back for the rabbit!

          2. We went tonight. Lamb was the protein of choice.

            Pastrami, balls, brains, pate, shank, kidney, milk/ricotta. very fun,very neat, and actually, very good.

            my suggestion: i'd book nothing later than 7. it flips to Orbit Room bar mode, and then you're stuck listening to the bartenders ramble on out loud about their mundane lives. get out while you can.

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            1. re: atomeyes

              Firstly, I never thought I would ever be drinking a cup of whey, and secondly, I never thought whey could taste so refreshing.

            2. Write up on BlogTO about them:


              And, there is another thread that was posted here on the same place if you are looking for more information on them.

              1. This week is their Halloween Special. Only Monday night left.
                All those 'fake' Halloween items you recall from kids' parties are here - except this time it's the genuine article. This is a meal you'll never forget.
                But you MUST reserve ahead - only limited number of places available.
                One slight correction - the worms aren't real worms - but everything else is the real thing!
                6 course menu for $65 (optional wine pairings $35).

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                1. re: estufarian

                  Care to elaborate on the menu? ;-)
                  I'm going tonight, and you've certainly piqued my curiosity!

                  1. re: NegativeSleep

                    I deliberately left it as a surprise.
                    It's more fun that way.
                    But we can tell people what they missed tomorrow!

                    I actually considered going again tonight.

                    1. re: estufarian

                      Gah. I have other dinner for tonight :(

                      1. re: estufarian

                        D'oh! Well, you can't say I didn't try.
                        I'm looking forward to it!

                        1. re: NegativeSleep

                          If you mention any 'childhood' fake dishes, I'll tell you whether there's a 'real' version!

                          1. re: estufarian

                            uh-oh - severed fingers, eyeballs, brain jelly??

                            actually I wouldn't put that last one past them

                            1. re: gembellina

                              One of the three exactly!
                              One a more authentic version.
                              One misssing!

                              1. re: estufarian

                                I had a feeling there might be eyeballs on the menu.
                                Funny - I've eaten most edible parts of the animal (many I've enjoyed, some I haven't, but none have bothered me), but somehow eyeballs make me a wee bit squeamish.

                                1. re: NegativeSleep

                                  Don't lose any sleep (Negative or otherwise) over this. I've had eyeballs before and these were easily the best version I've had.
                                  Texture akin to snails or possibly hard-boiled egg. But more flavour!

                                  And it's only 1 of 6 courses (+ amuses).

                                  1. re: estufarian

                                    The 'short list' - at least the night I went - could be slight variations other nights:
                                    Lamb Fries (testicles)
                                    Lamb Eyeball
                                    Candy Apple stuffed with chicken liver mousse
                                    Ox Heart Salad
                                    Pig Intestines
                                    Veal Brain with Blood Cake
                                    Beef Tongue (with Bone Marrow)
                                    'Worms in Dirt' (Tripe strip 'rolls' in oreo dust and a few other surprises!

                                    Only 3 weeks left for this pop-up

                                    1. re: estufarian

                                      Just my luck, but they ran out of eyeballs by last night, so they served oysters instead. Otherwise, the menu was identical (except I don't recall bone marrow with the tongue - they served a cauliflower mousse instead). The sleeper hit of the night was the stuffed candy apple (sounds so wrong, tastes so right), followed closely by the heart and the tongue. The veal brain was surprisingly good (I've had brain a few times before and never really cared much for the texture), although the blood cake was a bit dry for my liking. All in all, a great meal and probably the least rich of the menus I've had (lamb, pig and bison).

                                      1. re: NegativeSleep

                                        "Just my luck, but they ran out of eyeballs by last night"
                                        Now that's a classic Chowhound line!.
                                        Tongue has always been a favourite of mine - and the duck tongues (in duck week) were also a highlight.
                                        Brain can be dificult - but I think the Blood Cake was a perfect foil, although I also noticed that the Blood Cake dried out the saliva in my mouth - I'm guessing it was some kind of chemical reaction as the cake itself didn't seem particularly dry - but the after-impression was certainly of dryness.
                                        Well worth it overall!

                                        1. re: estufarian

                                          Duck tongues!! Those were really good. :) I think I'll be posting my Feasting Room photos today. Depends on time.

                  2. Going there next week for the pig. Anyone with previous experience as to what we can exspect with pig? I may end up with an unhappy wife as I booked the meal on impulse and not sure what to tell her regarding the menu. I'm sure ears and tails and feet would be okay, but not looking forward to an evening of testicles, snout and brain, lol.

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                    1. re: Yimahaji

                      Each meal tends to be different - so past Pig meals may not help.
                      Typically, each meal only has a couple of 'unusual' parts - but these are the dishes posters tend to comment on. The other restriction is availability - there are relatively few testicles (for example) per animal, so there has to be a source of these 'parts' in order for them to make it onto the menu. Ears work as they can be sliced into strips to get multiple servings per animal.
                      Expect some variations on bacon (a possible for dessert).
                      I don't think we've had an inedible dish there - and multiple excellent ones - for us tongue has been the most successful ingredient across animals.
                      The chef has trained with the best - even if you get a 'squeamish' ingredient it stands a good chance of being the best preparation you've ever had!

                      1. re: estufarian

                        "Typically, each meal only has a couple of 'unusual' parts"

                        exactly. When I spoke to the waitress there, she explained that they usually keep the wobbly bits for the smaller earlier courses, and stick to something more familiar for the "main" courses so that people can come away feeling they have eaten a full meal even if they choose not to eat all of the eyeballs or testicles.

                      2. re: Yimahaji

                        When I did pig they only served one organ dish and it was pretty subtle.
                        Hold on to your pants though , cause that kid really knows how to cook a pig.
                        For my pig meal the main was a cheek, but he put a piece of bread on the fatty side and fried it into a crouton so the whole cheek was crisp ON BOTH SIDES! I almost fell out of my chair.

                        1. re: Yimahaji

                          1) Crispy pork skin amuse bouche

                          2) Goat cheese wrapped in bacon amuse bouche

                          3) Pig ears in lentil soup

                          4) Pig spleen salad with onion rings

                          5) Head cheese terrine with carrot puree

                          6) Pig blood sausage with quail egg spanish style

                          7) Pork Cheek, kale and pear

                          8) Pork fat mousse

                          Excellent meal and the wine pairings were spot on for bringing out the flavours. Sadly, can't go to the all-star meal. Still salivating...(sorry 'bout the pics, lighting is by blackberry only, thus the harsh tones)

                        2. Finally got the post up! Not many nights left, so if you're interested, you should get on that.

                          I’ve eaten at The Feasting Room twice in the last few months and found great food and lovely people. With Chef Noah Goldberg turning out some tasty dishes and the ever agréable Mathieu Dutan working the room, it’s a strong duo. But they’re a pop-up (with their eyes on a permanent location) and they wrap-up in the next two weeks or so (Nov 18th is their last day). So though I wanted to be more eloquent about their dishes, time’s a tickin’ and I didn’t want to delay further – these guys deserve more spotlight before they end their run at the Orbit Room.

                          Starters: Squash soup w/rabbit shreds (left). Rillette with duck fat and pickled beans (right).

                          Heart, kidney, liver, on celery root, balsamic reduction. Oh yum.

                          A drink of Grignolinio D’Asti.

                          Shallots, chickpea, mustard, creme fraiche, rabbit shoulder, house-made bacon.

                          Cute that they give you a “map” of where all the bits of the meal are coming from.

                          Rabbit saddle + liver + pancetta + meat glue + polenta + cobb corn + ox tail gravy

                          Back for duck! They recognized me from the week before and comped me a glass of champagne.

                          Confit duck gizzards, deep fried. Sided with an aioli dipping sauce.

                          Duck heart in a braising liquid of chicken stock & butter. With celery root puree and chips. Loved the puree + chip combo.

                          Raviolo with confit garlic and duck neck braised in broth. This was so so so good.

                          Fries and “wings” – duck fat fries, bbq sauced fried duck tongues, blue cheese dipping sauce and heirloom carrots. Thought these were really good.

                          Now – not all dishes are a winner, but in general, I’ve had more hits than misses. I’m also more than happy to see the creativity of using a single animal throughout the meal; a hint of Iron Chef on the plate. Each menu is about 6 courses, with starters on top. You won’t be stuffed, but I never left hungry.

                          While the weather was good, the back patio was rather pleasant, but since the weather’s turned, seating will be inside the Orbit Room bar and significantly less charming. Still, it’s worth enduring for a meal from The Feasting Room team! If you’re interested in their last animal (beef!), it runs to Monday, starting this Thursday (tomorrow). They’ve only a few seatings left for their “best of” run, so make your reservations quickly!

                          Photos: http://www.foodpr0n.com/2012/11/06/th...

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                          1. re: jlunar

                            I went this week, and had an amalgamation of several dishes mentioned by others in this thread.

                            LOVED the duck tongue wings. I was so freakin' happy when it was presented.

                            1. re: trane

                              I think that has been my favourite dish over the entire run.
                              I was asked for my favourites - and that was the first thing I mentioned - but the chef said it was one of the most expensive ingredients ($30/kilo IIRC) so didn't really expect it.
                              I'm there tomorrow - loved the entire run.

                              1. re: estufarian

                                Hope they still have some by Sunday night!

                          2. This became my favorite spot in the city. I can't believe it's over :(
                            Here's to hoping they find a permanent spot.

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                            1. re: graydyn


                              I think we may be the champion visitors - by my count over 20 times.

                              1. re: graydyn

                                +1 indeed!
                                I think I was the last res yesterday. No duck tongues, but got the fried trotters. Good stuff. Lots of fun.