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Jun 1, 2012 06:25 AM

La Cremaillere - Reviews???

Have not seen any reviews as of late and going tomorrow night. Any ideas on what to order?

Thank you!!!!

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  1. Haven't been in the summer (2x in the winter) - everything was quite good, so I hope you have a great meal. Do post some notes... would like to go again this summer. Thanks!

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      Went on Saturday night and had an amazing experience. The restaurant at 8PM was crowded with the ages ranging from late 30s to mid 70's. Not stuffy at all...and very much reminded me of a French Farmhouse transporting me far far away from NY State. The service was seamless as was the decor. Our waiter was wonderful and he was excited when we ordered a wine that was one of his favorites and offered a tour of the wine cellar. From the Chef came a phyllo filled with spinach and cheese. Appetizers were the Smoked Salmon with freshly made bilinis and the Lobster Ravioli which I would tell everyone to get. Next came a cold melon/cucumber soup and then the main courses. I had the Snapper special which had a truffle sauce with mussels and shrimp in the broth and the other main was Veal. Both were rich, but not too rich and bursting with flavor. Dessert....yes, we had to try that, was the Apple Tarte with vanilla ice cream. This was a decadent and special dinner, but I would return for sure!