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Jun 1, 2012 04:38 AM

Where can I purchase swordfish in Westchester?

I'm looking for a market to purchase swordfish for six guests for a dinner party this weekend.

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  1. Not sure where you are located in Westchester, but if you have a Whole Foods nearby, give them a call. I buy my swordfish at Gus's New England Seafood, located at 126 Halstead Ave in Harrison. The phone for the fish store is 835-5358. All the fish there is very fine quality.

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      Thank you for the recommendation!

    2. H Mart:: Photos of a swordfish being butchered H Mart Hartsdale

      1. We got some excellent swordfish last week from Stu Leonards.

        1. Highly recommend Mt.Kisco Seafood...they are always fresh, and great group of guys that work there!!

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            +1 super high quality, great service and the high prices that go along with it.

            1. re: AdamD

              +10 on Mt Kisco Seafood.
              the BEST.

              Beautifully fresh looking and well selected fish, no endangered or irresponsible choices, ultra helpful and INFORMED staff... plus a good assortment of all the extras (products and produce) you need to cook.

              also now a nice meat dept.

              they go out of their way to help and get you what you need.

              example: if I want to make something with sea urchin, or head-on shrimp, or anything else that's not always stocked and easy to find, I ring them and two days later it's there waiting for me.

          2. Eastchester Fish Gourmet (there's a restaurant and a market). Great fish!