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Where can I purchase swordfish in Westchester?

I'm looking for a market to purchase swordfish for six guests for a dinner party this weekend.

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  1. Not sure where you are located in Westchester, but if you have a Whole Foods nearby, give them a call. I buy my swordfish at Gus's New England Seafood, located at 126 Halstead Ave in Harrison. The phone for the fish store is 835-5358. All the fish there is very fine quality.

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      Thank you for the recommendation!

    2. H Mart:: Photos of a swordfish being butchered H Mart Hartsdale

      1. We got some excellent swordfish last week from Stu Leonards.

        1. Highly recommend Mt.Kisco Seafood...they are always fresh, and great group of guys that work there!!

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            +1 super high quality, great service and the high prices that go along with it.

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              +10 on Mt Kisco Seafood.
              the BEST.

              Beautifully fresh looking and well selected fish, no endangered or irresponsible choices, ultra helpful and INFORMED staff... plus a good assortment of all the extras (products and produce) you need to cook.

              also now a nice meat dept.

              they go out of their way to help and get you what you need.

              example: if I want to make something with sea urchin, or head-on shrimp, or anything else that's not always stocked and easy to find, I ring them and two days later it's there waiting for me.

          2. Eastchester Fish Gourmet (there's a restaurant and a market). Great fish!

            1. H Mart on Central Avenue in Hartsdale has the most extensive, fresh, and reasonably priced fish market I have seen in Westchester. Fish can be freshly gutted or filleted. I highly recommend it.

              1. I'm jumping on the wagon suggesting the H Mart on Central Ave in Hartsdale.

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                  HMart is a good idea. Whole Foods in White Plains also carries swordfish, when it is available from sustainable and reliable fisheries, and it is usually very good.

                2. C-Town (DeCicco's) in Scarsdale puts their swordfish on sale one week per month, for $15.99/lb I think. Got some today, looked very fresh. Of course, sometimes it doesn't look as fresh, so buyer beware, as always when buying fish. The fishmonger is pretty surly though, especially if you ask him to cut a piece not exactly how he wants to...