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Hollowed out grape tomatoes with B + L

BLTs = bacon, lettuce and tomatoes - using hollowed out grape tomatoes, chopped iceberg lettuce, chopped bacon, mayo, S+P ---- I have never made these - but I am wondering how to get that mixture into the little grape tomato?? Has anyone done these--- for hors doeuvres?

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  1. I'd use a teaspoon. Well, actually, I wouldn't make these as it seems like way too much work for the amount of reward. First, I've got to hollow out, oh say, 100 tiny grape tomatoes . . . oh wait, first I've got to halve them all, then hollow them out, then fill each one of them, then stick a toothpick in each one, then . . . yeah, no thanks. Not to mention, these sound so good I could probably easily eat 40 - 50 halves just by myself. So, that's even more work just to begin to feed all the guests.

    Instead, I'd simply make regular BLTs, cut the crusts off, then rock out a huge number of bite-size pieces by cutting the sandwiches into smaller squares. Maybe I'm lazy.

    My hat is off to you smilingal for taking this on. Please take pictures of how they look in the end. They sound like they'll taste fantastic!

    1. Try using a melon baller

      1. Delia Smith once said 'life's too short to stuff a mushroom', and to me this falls into the same category. I'm afraid I think, like 1POINT, that it's just too much work. However, it sounds like a great way to eat this classic combination - I might just try it with cherry tomatoes OR kind of invert the idea to use the grape tomatoes with the bacon and mayo to fill lettuce leaf cups instead.

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            wow, that looks fabulous and lots of fun.....does it work, I wonder? Have you ever tried it?

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              No, and I so want to. The reviews were good, and frankly, how bad can a bacon basket be? I'd put ice cream in that bad boy.

        1. Grape is too small. Try cherry!

          1. I wouldn't chop up the lettuce. Wont it just becoming mush after some time? I would crumble up some bacon, mix it with cream cheese and stuff the tomatoes using a pastry bag (or ziploc with cover cut off). And then garnish with a piece lettuce. Either cut tomatoes in half or cut of top and hollow out.

            1. This is why God invented toothpicks - She wanted us to enjoy our food. I would make mini skewers of the ingredients and serve them with a bowl of spicy mayo.

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                +1 I would go with skewers. If I fad to stuff I would use cherry tomatoes.

              2. No, but I've made something a bit easier - cherry tomatoes cut in half, hollowed out with a teaspoon, then stuffed with boursin cheese and topped with a bit of bacon. If you really wanted the L component, you could place on a bed of shredded lettuce.

                1. ok - thank you my friends - this has been a recipe that I initially thought sounded fun - something to pop into your mouth with a drink - but the work that you have all pointed out will probably be too frustrating for the results. NEVA MIND! Thanks for talking this thru to me!

                  1. Here are 2 different kinds of "BLT Bites". A few years ago I went to a formal event and they had greek salad stuffed in cherry tomatoes. I have been wanting to make them since then, but it just seems like a big pain for a large(ish) group! I suppose one could use a grapefruit spoon, though, with the serrated edge and it would make it a little easier.



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                      valerie - thanks - the tasteofhome was most like my intentions - I am going to read the different reviews and see what others felt about the ordeal - I am considering it only for a party of 6-8 so certainly do-able if I decide to "play" that way.

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                        The black hawaiian sea salt is a nice touch

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                          That looks good. I think I might make a stuffing with bleu cheese and some fresh herbs and the slice of bacon. Believe I would plan it so that guests got one each and the cook got about six (to make sure it was edible) and it really wouldn't take that much time.

                          We recently ate at a restaurant where they served an amuse with a tiny (doll size) spoon, which would be just right for stuffing the tomatoes. Tiny spoons must be available somewhere.

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                            I would use an espresso spoon.

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                              thanks - I have a bunch of those - even the end of one of those would work - albeit - tedious!

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                                oooh, i love the idea of bleu cheese :)

                            2. I still think it is a great idea. But I like making tiny complicated delish party food. I think campari tomatoes would be better. Two bites and done.I would do a small squeeze of flavored mayo, like basil and garlic, crumbles of bacon and lettuce.top with the little lid like a hat. Take the pulp out with a mellonballer nd blend it in a blender with vodka and strain the seeds and pulp. Serve in a salted rimmed martini glass and have a refreshing tomato water vodka drink to boot.

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                                For me, campari were too large- two bites is too messy. They're hard to set down and then pick back up without getting messy fingers which leaves people standing around awkwardly holding gooey drippy tomato halves. :)

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                                  ohhhh - now you're talking my language - I think I will pour some chilled vodka right now!

                                2. I use cherry tomatoes- much easier to empty and stuff, and then they sit up by themselves.

                                  1. Used cherry tomatoes and a serrated grapefruit spoon. Apps for Thanksgiving dinner. Way too much trouble and getting the amount of bacon to lettuce to tomato is very hard to balance. I left way too much tomato and it overpowered the bacon/lettuce/mayo that I piped in.

                                    Per the diners. It tasted fine in the kitchen to me.

                                    1. How about using slightly larger tomatoes. Cherry, or even campari or roma. Or, how about french bread toasts topped creatively with the BLT ingredients?

                                      1. i'm pretty sure my patience would crap out at around tomato #25, and i'd be cursing myself. of course, they'd be super cute, but super gone in 1/10 the time it takes to make them.

                                        i've done a twist on the BLT using roma tomatoes. cut in half, wrapped in bacon and roasted then served with a sprinkle of shredded lettuce and a dollop of herbed creme fraiche. or a drizzle of reduced balsamic.