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Jun 1, 2012 12:35 AM

NEW: Men Oh Japanese Ramen, Union City w/ Pics

I tried out Men Oh Japanese Ramen Thurs 5/31/12 on a hot evening. I forgot that it was going to be in the 90s or I would not have pick eating ramen - a hot bowl of noodle soup for dinner.

It's between Shabuway & City Salon, around the corner from Marina Market in Union City. It's a small place that seats maximum 48 people, they don't take reservations so you might have to wait for a table.

We got there around 6:15pm and no wait. They only have 1 type of ramen right now since it's been open only a few weeks: Tonkushima Ramen (Tonkotsu Shoyu) $7.95. Suppose to be house-made noodles (waitress told me made elsewhere SF/LA she didn't know & brought in I saw boxes) in pork bone, soy-sauce seasoned savory broth. Comes with some pork, pork belly, bamboo shoots, green onions. ASK for FREE Raw Egg - not automatically given. If you substitute w/ Seasoned Boiled Egg it's 50c More, don't say Extra Boiled Egg that's $1.

Extra toppings Boiled Egg $1; Raw egg .50c; Chashu $1.75; stir-fried pork belly $1.5; Bamboo shoots $1; green onions .50c

Bean Sprouts & something else on table. Ask for water.

Not available yet - maybe in a few weeks:
Gyoza - Coming Soon
Karaage - Coming Soon
Chashu Don - Coming Soon
Butabara DonTonkotsu - Coming Soon
Shio Ramen - Coming Soon

Drinks: Soda $1.5; Iced Oolong Tea $1.5; Japanese Soft Drinks $2; Draft Beer (Sapporo) $4.5

Separate bathrooms in the back - Women's on the Left. Nice artwork of leaves. It's a shared bathroom with Shabuway because when I tried to go back to the restaurant I accidentally went into Shabuway!

They take Credit cards: MasterCard & Visa! Charged it.

I might go back in a month or two to see if they have more offerings.

It's a chain from Japan, don't need to drive to Union City if you live in SF cuz in June suppose to have one in SF - 5120 Geary Blvd, SF, 94118. 415-386-8802.

Closed Mon
Tues-Fri 5:30-10p
Sat 11:30-10p
Sun 11:30-9p

Ph: 510-477-9481


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  1. How did you like it? Is there a "skin" on the broth or is it just how the 2nd picture came out?

    1. Many thanks for the report, I look forward to trying it out when they open the SF location on Geary.

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      1. re: od_sf

        Keeping my fingers crossed that the Geary location will open on time. They just started the renovation like a week ago and it looks like a major undertaking for even the sidewalk was completely closed.

        1. re: maoliu

          Union City had a promotion on the first 2 opening days: 200 bowls @$1. waited an hour with book in hand. ramen good for a franchisee., better than ajisen.