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May 31, 2012 11:52 PM

Need a nice, "late night" dinner place near LAX (hopefully beachfront)

My mom is coming to visit, and I thought about taking her to C&0 Trattoria, but her plane doesn't arrive until 9PM on a Sunday night and they close at 10PM. I'm worried that by the time we gather her luggage, get to the car, get things settled, and drive there, that it could be 9:45, etc.

Any suggestions for a nice place to have dinner around 10PM not far from LAX near the beach or even with a seaside view? (She doesn't drink, so alcohol doesn't matter). I prefer not to take her to Denny's and want it to be non-chain, but I don't know that side of town well. (I'm a transplant from out-of-state living in Pasadena for grad school).

I want it to be a memory-maker, but not a bank-breaker! Thanks!

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  1. MB post in Manhattan Beach closes at 10:00. The food is infinitely better and more interesting than C & O. and it's closer. If you get in at 9:45 and get your orders in it shouldn't be a problem.

    1. Gjelina on Abbot Kinney serves until midnight on the weekends:

      Hotel Shangri-La's dining room serves late, though I'm not sure until when. You may want to call them and ask:
      The dining room has a view of the ocean.

      1. Gjelina was a good rec. In addition, also not offering any seaside views, A Frame [Washington near Centinela], Sunny Spot [Washington near Abbott Kinney] and Waterloo & City [Washington near Centinela] all serve late (after 10 Waterloo & City offers an abbreviated menu). Waterloo & City has an affiliated restaurant in Venice called Larry's (on Windward) that is steps from the beach but not much of a view, though it is open until midnight. I think Tripel in Playa del Rey also serves late but have not tried it.

        1. What about The Kettle in Manhattan Beach? Not super-fancy, but close to LAX and the beach and open 24 hours.

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            respectfully disagree with the recommendation of the Kettle.

          2. not a "memory maker" nor "beachfront", but solid thai food served in a pretty restaurant until 10pm on sunday nights that is definitely NOT a bank-breaker:
            AYARA THAI CUISINE. you would probably be able to park the carat the curb practically right in front of the restaurant.

            for a "memory maker" that IS a bank-breaker that has a view of the marina (not the ocean) that is open until 9:30 on sundays
            CAFE DEL REY
            one advantage of this place is that it has a secure ATTENDED parking lot right in front of the restaurant, and i am assuming that your mom's luggage will be in the car during the meal.

            btw, MB POST (already suggested) will run you approx $45/pp BEFORE tax, tip, and beverage, so that restaurant ,too, would end up costing substantially more than C&O.

            gjelina would be in the same league in terms of prices, but the car, with the luggage, would not necessarily be in an attended lot.