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May 31, 2012 10:32 PM


An update for those willing to try Takazawa. They take reservations 2 month in advance - but they will not make bookings for one. Minimum is 2 guests.

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  1. Thanks for the update. That's pretty much the same as when they were Aronia de Takazawa. I'm very curious as to how they've changed the food (if, in fact, they have--I still suspect it was a change in name only).

    Do you know how many tables/seats they have available each night?

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    1. re: prasantrin

      Not sure yet if they have more tables. Booking made for early August - I will report back.

      1. re: zorglub

        Just checked their website which suggests 4 tables (look at their picture gallery - the Aronia one features two tables and the Takazawa one four).

    2. Pure speculation: maybe he has his eyes set on Michelin stars? I sincerely hope not since he is above that 'game', but if so, anything less than 3 stars is a scandal and will completely discredit Michelin (further) in my eyes.

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      1. re: shekamoo

        I hope the intention is not to go down the Ryugin road and becoming more traditional. There are many great traditional Japanese restaurants in this city, don't think Tokyo needs another one. Aronia was unique - one may or may not like it, but even its critics will admit it was pretty specific. Would be a shame if they decided to become just another Japanese restaurant.

        1. re: Asomaniac

          Totally agree. I respect the chefs who refuse to let the chase for Michelin stars cloud their gastronomic vision and judgment.

      2. How easy/difficult was it to get a reservation? Did you call or email?

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        1. re: Guy Incognito

          When it was still Aronia de Takazawa, email worked for me in securing the table. His wife (also front-of-house) has excellent command of English.

          1. re: J.L.

            My husband emailed in English and got a reply (in English) that we should email again in July (for September resy).

            1. re: The Cookbook Addict

              I got the reservation through Amex concierge. Since my Amex is out of the UK, they had to contact Amex Japan who then made the reservation locally. They initially called earlier than the 2 month deadline - and then put in a call on the 2 month anniversary day. It was seamless to me.

              1. re: zorglub

                Sounds like it's not too difficult. I'm hoping to go in September too. Since it's so small I was worried reservations would be akin to a minibar or French Laundry reservation.

        2. Robbie Swinnerton wrote about a recent dining experience at the new Takazawa in last Friday's Japan Times. Here is the article:

          He also provided more detailed information in a blog post.

          The signature Ratatouille is still being served, along with a couple of other familiar dishes such as the pork rillettes. There seems to be more seafood than before, though.